Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blood Angels: Will they be an assault army or something else?

There may be a paradigm shift here with the new Blood Angel codex, moving from an assault army to a fast firefight army. This may be good new for all of you out there in Templar land. For me though, I love my jump infantry, and unfortunately they may not be the thing to do.
My reaction to the potential change.

With Baal, Vindicators, and Rhino's being fast, I can zoom along 18" first turn, and then 12 and shoot subsequent turns, which is faster than jump infantry can move. And then since Furious Charge is only a 1 in 6 chance, banking on making an assault move isn't really reliable. Seth can improve this, yes, but he probably can't take a jump pack and I feel is wasted in a Tactical squad, especially since you then couldn't take the cheap/free heavy weapon as it could only be a 9 man squad.
Then there is the relentless Death Company armed with Bolter, Bolt Pistol and Chainsword. If only they were scoring something could rival plague marines ability to hold objectives. Anyways, I bet you see them used a lot more in different ways. They will still be assault troops as well, as they always have furious charge (as befits them) but still, they are more multi-role now than ever before.

On the other hand, barely scattering when deep striking really lends a hand to the Jump Troop department. And with infernus pistols and hand flamers, these guys can cause some havoc coming down behind enemy lines, or swoop in late game to contest and capture. As well, less scatter and re-rollable scatters means more reliably deploying these guys behind cover for their first turn.
As well the storm raven is an assault vehicle and we see Furioso dreads able to be taken as troops.

Maybe the best though will be a happy balance. Some fast shooting with Baals and Vindicators mashed together with deep striking awesomeness of assault squads and storm ravens (or Land Raiders, which I don't quite believe yet).

Anyways, tell me what you think on the poll over there -->

Oh yeah, and if you have seen the painted minis, look at the banner. NOTE: IT IS NOT THE BLOOD ANGELS BANNER. Close but no cigar. Big relief to me. Looks like Ancient Medici gets to keep his job.

What type of Army will the Blood Angels be?
Full on Assault/Deepstirking 10 (43%)
Fast Firefights/Mech 3 (13%)
A mix of both 10 (43%)