Monday, September 14, 2009

Musings on Necromunda

Well, after playing many games of Necromunda, and over a week's Hiatus as I worked out the kinks in God Machine (coming later this week), I thought I'd do a post on it.


Lessons I have learned
1. Shooting is King. Shooting gangs beat close combat gangs. It is just that since ever hit pins a guy, Close Combat gangs move slowly. And while pinned, they can be shot again. And then if there is no one near them to help a ganger recover from pinning, they stand up at the end of the turn just to get shot at again.

2. Techno skills rule. Any time you roll a 2 or 12 for an advancement, take a Techno skill. Inventor, Armourer, and Medic are all great. Weaponsmith isn't bad. Specialist is nice as you can get more special weapons. Fixer is the only eh one, but if you have a gambling den, you want it.

3. The more gangers, the better. Why? Remember shooting is king. Well yeah. The more guys you have, the more concentrated your fire is and the less concentrated your opponent's is. Simple really. You have better chances of taking guys down and out when you have more fire pooring onto them.

4. Don't play as enforcers. Yeah. Thats right. My own gang. You see, I thought the rule where if I am doubled in EXP I get 10 guys would help. The problem is since I always only have the 5 man patrol team, I always am the underdog, meaning I get crazy EXP bonuses for loosing even. I don't know if I will ever get to feild all 10 (unless guys start dying). Now also look at 1 and 3. Same things apply here. I took four guys with suppression sheilds and power mauls, so usually I have 2 in each patrol team. I thought S5 weapons with a 2+ save would be nice. The problem is that since I only have 5 guys on the table and only 3 with shooting typically (though inventor has earned me some extra guns finally), I get super blasted. And that 2+ save can't portect me against 10 hits with a -1 modifier to my armour. Eventually I always fail. Usually pretty fast. I have this happy talent for rolling one under what I need on armour saves.
One for one, all my guys are better. They have great equipment. All of them have over 70 EXP, 4 of them over 100. I have been lucky on skill and stat rolls. Invented 3 things, two of which were usefull (Power Sword and Needle Pistol). The thing is being outnumbered sucks. I need to roll +1 W more often.
At least I have no serious injuries due to medical (other than emnities and impressive scars). That is a godsend.

5. Hit and run is the best for the Attacker. Easiest mission and highest rewards. 3 of my 4 victories have been in hit and run. It is just easy for the Attacker to win, ESPECIALLY Enforcers. This is the one scenario that I thrive in. On a 3+ I have the whole patrol team, and in the first 2-4 Turns I am typically not out numbered. Scrag and Blitz are the best of these. Either you destroy the Water Still fast with high impact or sustained fire shots (or both), or you charge your target in scrag 2nd turn (if he is on the feild).