Thursday, September 3, 2009

Necromunda Campaign and Titan Game News

So I should have V 1.0 of the titan game up here this month, probably around the 15th.


Planned Updating Schedule for the Game.
V 1.0 - Basic System Rules, Human Titans only
V 2.0 - Eldar and Orks introduced, differentiate Chaos
V 3.0 - Campaign Mechanics / Historical Missions / Titan Personalities
V 4.0 ~ Not sure yet, Nids most likely, more Missions

Updates will be released to each version as I get feed back.
Note, points costs will not be in 1.0. I need some feedback on that before I can decide.
V 1.0 will have alot of designers notes on it, as well as a page with questions I would like answered so I can work out any kinks.

Some things you will need:
25, 40, and 60 mm bases
3, 5, 10 inch templates
Hellstorm Template
Measuring tape
Some Paper and Scissors to make appropriate sized area terrain
d6 will be the only dice in the game

So my gang got here yesterday. Built them. Wanted to Prime today but it rained. :(
Anyway, we are introducing an interesting mechanic to the campaign. As the Police, everyone will report to me what their guys do in terms of violence each game. I will building up files and putting out a most wanted list each week.
Other gangs then can attempt to gain the rewards by capturing these wanted men. But I won't offer the best deals, so they have to make the choice to trade with the Enforcers or with Gangs.
We may have rescues on the Enforcers be like a prison raid, not sure yet.