Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jaws of the World Wolf

(That is a Rant Alert for those of you who didn't know)

Read the rule here.

I imagine it would look something like this. Probably would be just a big wolf head eating things. Close enough. Game footage courtesy of Too Human. Good Game IMHO. Worth trying out. And maybe it will give you non SW players the sense of devastation that the SW players now get from their Runepriests.

I thought they were phasing out "Remove from game" because it was "too confusing" and conflicted with "Instant Death". Same reasons why they won't FAQ any MEQ (Marine Equivalent) list.

Well, Nidzilla is a dead list. At least Nids are up for a new codex soon. Sorry Nurgle. And necrons. And Tau.

Tau, Hammerheads are your only heavy support choice now for a tourney. Broadsides are too vulnerable. If I land one runepriest behind your lines, broadsides are toast. At least there is a reason to take Oshova again, being as he is an MC. Or does he just attack as one, I forget. Any ways, Battlesuits are a worse choice now for competitive play.

C'Tan are even freaking vulnerable. I agree they are a little too powerful, but they are Star Gods and should have some sort of immunity to a Human's Psychic power. Same with Greater Daemons.

What were they thinking:
Hmm, you can take 4 HQ choices (2 per slot) and deep strike the whole army.
Hmm, lets give this power of remove from game to Runepriests. Shooting Psychic power.
So now you can deepstrike 4 behind and army and let loose.
This will eat armies up. Quite literally.

It wouldn't be as bad if Inv saves could protect you, but no. Niether does Eternal Warrior. And being an MC doesn't help that much.
And why don't cover saves help? They do against Mind War. Which is an Eldar power. Eldar are SUPPOSSED to be better at this sort of thing. This is exactly what happened last time an SM codex came out after Eldar. For some reason the in-game psychic army does not match the fluff psychic army. At least they have some runes to try
One good thing I see is that normal dreads are a little more competitive now, as they can't be eaten (But a Carnifex easily can. How does that make sense?).

On a 4x6 board, with indirect fire, you can preety much hit anything you want with it's 24" range if you fall someplace near the middle with your Deep Strike.

Characters, DPs, Greater Deamons, MCs and expensive bodyguards beware. The World Wolf is hungry.

I did a little test on this last night. Just everytime I saw a room mate, I rolled a dice. Needless to say I killed my entire room rather fast (assuming they are humans with I3). I then did it for the Patriots vs Bills. Athletes have I4. Sorry, but I ate Tom Brady.

And we all know how dice work. Either you roll tons of 6's or 1's at once. So you know you'll go to a game and say "This won't be that bad" and then you will roll 6 for EVERY I TEST. I know it can happen. I rolled somewhere around 35% 6's and 15% 5's last night for a necromunda game. That means 1/3rd of the possible outcomes covered 1/2 of what I did (more impressive is 1/6 covering 1/3rd). And the 6's were on too wounds and wound results. The worst possible outcomes. I destroyed a Redemtionist gang by the hand of fate.

This will happen alot with World Wolf. Don't lie to yourself. You know you have dice superstitions. And this is just asking to cement them.

I know this post is kinda scatterbrained. I just am not happy. And I slept 2 hours. Then worked out. So yeah.


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Next post will probably have something on Bjorn and his objective giving. Heads up, its a rant.

Do you think Jaws of the World Wolf is too powerful?

Yes. Please Rant harder about it. 20 (45%)
Yes. Nom Nom Nom 11 (25%)
Eh. Can go either way 10 (22%)
No. It is balanced 2 (4%)
No. Space Wolves are sissy girls 1 (2%)