Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wishlist: What I would like to see GW make/do

Okay so this is a wide ranging topic, covering the top 10 things I would like to see GW do, though no in any particular order.

1- Release all codices within a year or 2 of the main rulebook release. ALL. Design it all at the same time. You can spread model releases out more, but rules should all be up to date at the same time.

2- Lower Prices. We all agree here. Their profit margin has to be crazy high, but they are always raising their prices, even as their productions costs go down from better technology

3- A plastic Warhound Titan for 40k. Mars Pattern. OH YEAH.

4- Knights for Apoc. Easy to make models for too. Basically be as ubiquitous as the IG superheavies.

5- More Support for Specialist Games / Less Support for LotR. Seriously, everyone I know who played LotR left it for 40k or fantasy, and then most those people end up playing Specialist Games. Lord of the Rings was popular for a while with the Movies, but now they are stretching it. Veterans want SG games. GIVE THEM TO US!!!

6- Games Day Atlanta. You took away the Gaming event for the South. Chicago has 2 huge events. Baltimore has 2. Las Vegas has an event AND SHOWGIRLS. The south has crap. Thanks. Thanks so very much for taking that away.

7- More Missions. 3 missions with 3 setups is not enough. Lets get some more out there.

8- Bitz. Give me back the option to bitz metal box sets and sprues at least. This preselected bitz pack thing sucks. You are loosing money to 3rd market parties GW. You could easily cut in on this market.

9- A Stormblade. Plasma Destructors are awesome. Every other IG super heavy exists, why not that one?

10- Sell a Hobby not a Product. They are so concerned with pushing plastic crack on 13 year olds that they forget about selling the aspects that keep the veterans in.