Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nurgle Great Unclean One Scratch Built Commission

Well this is something funny. Something Awful's WTF 40k?

First off, sorry the photos aren't the best. Hope to resolve that in the near future.

The Great Unclean One cost only around $30 and has plenty of bitz left over. I may even make a custom Zoanthrope with what I have left. It is made from an inverted Carnifex Torso as the main body. On the Chest/Stomach (after cutting off the spike) I put the spore cysts carapace. I then added heap tons of green stuff and sculpted. The arms are WHFB Ogre arms. The sword is from the soulgrinder (leftover from here). The horns are from carnifex tusks and one of the actual carnifex horns.

He will mostly be used as Kugath for a Nurgle Chaos Daemons army.

I know his feet aren't on the ground fully, but this element will be incorporated into his basing.

My sculpting skills have definately improved. I plan to keep honing them, so if you want something made you can contact me at