Sunday, August 30, 2009

Necromunda: Spyrer Gang Commission, My Arbites List

So my club, the Wargamers at Georgia Tech, is starting up Necromunda this semester.

I am playing Arbites. My gang consists of the following:
All have Knives and Choke Gas Grenades
Leader: Power Maul and Suppression Shield
Handler: Power Maul and Suppression Shield
Heavy: Heavy Stubber, Bolt Pistol
Enforcer: Plasma Gun, Bolt Pistol
Enforcer: Power Maul and Suppression Shield
Enforcer: Power Maul and Suppression Shield
Enforcer: Shotgun, Bolt Pistol
Enforcer: Shotgun, Bolt Pistol
Enforcer: Shotgun, Bolt Pistol
Enforcer: Bolt Pistol, Melta Bomb, Photon Flash Flares
Cyber Mastiff

Next is the gang I was commissioned to do for another player.
I made the Spyrer gang for around $50 in parts, which is far less than if you just bought the GW models, which would come in at $85.

I used Eldar bodies (4 guardians and 1 dire avenger exarch) for their torsos. The two Orrus have modified SM legs (cut off the square butts). The others all have guardian legs.

The Orrus, Yeld and Malcadon all have SM Scout heads. The Jakara has an Eldar head made to look a little more feminine to match the female guardian body.

Orrus weapons are SM Powerfists with bolt pistol barrels underneath to represent the bolt launchers.

The Malcadon has SM Combat knives as the claws and guitar string as the power cables.

The Yeld utilizes a dire avenger exarch arm for its pistol (ammo clip removed). His wings are made from Dark Angels Ravenwing bike cowls. I used 2 sets, thinned them down and glued them back to back so both sides look like wings without being too thick.

The Jakara has a Dire Avenger Exarch sword and a terminator shoulder pauldron sheild for her mirror sheild.
See the GW ones here.
Group Photo: Spyrers
Yeld Back
Yeld Front
Malcadon Back
Malcadon Side
Malcadon Front
Jakara Back
Jakara Side
Jakara Front
Orrus Back
Orrus Front