Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Games Day UK here I come...


Thats right, me and my friends were thinking of doing Games Day UK. Well that and touristy things. But mainly Games Day. Too late to make arrangements this year, but we are starting to think about next years.

We have a funny idea for a group Golden Daemon: A poker game. The players: An inquisitor, a kroot, a pile of nurglings, the avatar, one of da boyz, the Deceiver (holding 5 aces), and a Carnifex. We know it isn't a legal entry if we all work on it, but we want to do it anyways to just show off.

For some personal GD entries, I have some thinking to do.

We obviously will bring armies. So I am crossing my fingers for early 2010 BA so I have time to play test out a list to bring for a tourney.

I know it is a long way off, but this is how these journeys happen.

So a new tag is born today: Odyssey