Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tactica: Allies (Part One)


This is a multi-part article on taking Allies.

Imperial Armies have an ability that no other army has: Allies. There are two codices from which they can take their allied units: Daemonhunters and Witchhunters. I am going to do a quick review on the common ground between the 2 codices today and what they can bring to the game.

One of the most common things you will see taken as allies is an Inquisitor to access an Assassin. Typically they are taken from the Daemonhunter list, as many regard the Daemonhunter Inquisitors better with preferable wargear. Psycannons and incinerators in particular both ignore invulnerable saves so TH&SS, Deamons, etc. etc. can't save. Targeters are also a really nice piece of wargear, and a must take in my opinion at a mere one point. It allows you to measure before shooting, so you can find out if you are in range. Put the Inquisitor in the rear of the squad so you can check for the whole squad essentially. So just stretch out that measureing tape and measure all around. Both types of Inquisitors have their distinct advantages though and will be covered in later posts.
As far as assassins go, I prefer the Vindicare, but I will briefly cover them all.
ALL: Fearless, Infiltrate, Independent (can't join anything) and all saves are Invulnerable (4+)
Sniper. He hits on a 2+ wounds on a 4+ AND he gets to choose the model he shot. So you can pick out characters, sergeants, special and heavy weapons. With an AP of 2 on his rifle, he can pretty much kill anyone. No targeting restrictions, so he can shoot Ind Characters within 6" of another squad, usually a no-no. A S5 SP2 pistol.He reduces target cover saves by -1 and gets 2d6x5 LOS in Night Fight. He can only be shot at under Night Fight rules, and if it is Night Fight, you half the distance. Finally he has 3 special sniper rounds, one ignores inv. saves, one inflicts 2 wounds on which ever model is hit OR is an S3+3D6 Armour Penetration against vehicles, and the final one wounds on a 2+ (hit 2+ wound 2+ AP 2). This is pobably the most usefull across the board, as he can eliminate key elements in any army all the same and is not better versus some than others. Put him in range of as many objectives as possible and pick off guys that will annoy you when you try and take those objectives. Or in a KP mission, kill characters. One shot, one kill, one KP (or 3 for 'ard Boyz).

To charge, shoot at or attack the Culexus with a Psychic power your enemy needs to pass a LD test. Its weapon is 12" S5 AP1 Assault 2 and gets +1 Assault for ever psyker within range. That means allied psykers, such as Inquisitors and Librarians, count as well. Even without psykers nearby, this can glance AV12 and Penetrate AV11. The one thing you must be wary of with allies around is that ALL models within 12" have their LD reduced to 7 unless it is already lower than that. BUT where this is usefull is if the Culexus is attacking a Psyker. Within 6" it can use psych out grenades which force the Psyker to pass a LD test, and lose a wound by each point it fails by, which gives you just under 1/2 chance of doing a wound, but a 2/3 chance of doing 2+ wounds if you succeed in dealing a wound. Psykers within 6" have to pass morale tests or fall back (at LD7). The Assassin can always allocate any type of attack to a psyker. In close combat with a psyker, before doing any attacks, roll 2D6 and add LD (10 for the Assassin, 7 for the psyker) and if the psyker loses, he takes one wound automatically, no type of saves allowed. This wound counts towards combat resolution. This is good against Eldar, Chaos Daemons, and Tyranid Armies who all have a bunch of psykers typically. SM, WH, CSM and Dark Eldar to a lesser extent. Don't bother with Tau or Necrons. Just hunt down psykers. Usually they are a KP as they are typically an HQ choice. They are really potent against the new IG psyker battle squad, so if your opponent has them or like them, go ahead and take this guy. He should easily dispatch them. And a Primaris Psyker is another KP himself, so he is another valid target.

First is the C'Tan Phase Sword, which allows no saves in Close Combat. Not even Inv. The only thing it doesn't work against is Necron C'Tan (It just absorbs it). 3 Attacks at WS5 I5 S4 makes that deadly, especially if you get the charge. The Neural shedder is a S8 Flamer that attacks versus LD values rather than T values. It is AP 1 and Assault one. What makes it really nice is it automatically gets D3 glancing hits on vehicles. But note it is a AP1 weapon, so you can still destroy a vehicle. She is always in reserves but when she arrives, she may be placed anywhere, and fights normally when she arrives (unlike deepstriking). She can disengage d6" away on a 2+. The last ability lets you move an enemy unit 6" at the end of deployment. Be carefull versus horde armies, as deploying in their midsts will just get you killed and moving one unit 6" is a drop in the bucket. Although Low LD armies can hurt, so IG are vulnerable. If you think you are good enough, Orks can be hurt too, although you probably will die rather fast. Though the Neural Shredder will really do a number. IG once again are really vulnerable here. Lots of vehicles and low LD guys (especially conscripts) are targets here. Tyranids can be usefull. Move a Monstrous creature out of cover so you can blast it and then shred into his low LD scoring units like gaunts.

Combat beefy dude. Bolt/Needle Combi-weapon Pistol. Needle wounds on a 4+. Power Weapon and Melta Bombs. Has wargear that wounds in combat on a 4+. So no armour saves and wounds on a 4+ at A4 WS5 I5 S4. As well, glances vehicles on a 6. What makes this all really nice is that on the charge, it gets +d6 attacks rather than just +1 and can assault 12". So you should ALWAYS get the charge, otherwise you are not doing it right. The eversor never counts as moving for shooting, though this is moot since Pistols are now assault 1 weapons. When an eversor dies, you center a blast over it and all models under it take an S5 hit. Same as the Vindicare. Usefull against anyone. Just destroys in combat, even in death. I'd say target a scoring unit and just eliminate them. One scoring unit gone for 95 points is a high ROI. Once your opponent sees the damage it unleashes, it probably won't be long for this world with your enemies shooting turn. In a KP mission, HQ's are your prefered target, where he can allocate his attacks against characters and just rack up the points.

Next up is Death Cult Assassins. 1 unit of 1-3, though they operate independently. Power Weapon and CCW at WS5 S4 I5 A2(3). 5+ inv saves. Fearless. Infiltrate. 40 pts a piece. Not the best, but not bad. You still need take an Inquisitor in the force, but these can rampage around for a bit before being killed. Good against low I armies where they can at least do damage before dying. Target scoring units and do as much damage as possible.

Last of all is Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. While their guns are not as powerfull now as IG stormtroopers, these guys still have targeters and are slightly cheaper. And their sergeants have access to the Armouries of the DH and WH codices, so can take some select and nice wargear (Even Power Armour). 2 Special Weapons allowed in the squad as well. Rhino or Chimera Transport, which can have psycannon bolts if bought from the DH list. And they are a scoring unit with 4+ saves. Alltogether not a bad choice and can give some cheap yet decent guys to an army. An inquisitor attached to them can really beef the squad and they can deal with some of the best scoring units in the game, such as plague marines, so long as tehy are kitted right (plasma or melta). And if you want to make an IG stormtrooper company, then these guys are really the only way to do it rule wise.

Well there is post one. Next time, Daemonhunter specific units.