Monday, June 1, 2009

1000 pt Team Tourney list: Help me choose

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So I have a 1000 pt team tournament coming up. That is each player has 1000 pts for a total of 2000.

Force Org is as follows:
1 HQ
1-3 Troops
0-1 Elites
0-1 Fast Attack
0-1 Heavy Support
You are allowed one floating choice per player, but they can't be the same type. That is I can choose to take 2 Elites, but then my teammate would only be allowed the 1 and would have to take floating elsewhere.

Tournament uses Adepticon rules.

I am playing my Blood Angels, but need to get certain things painted and fast. So that means I need to know exactly what I am painting before hand. Which means I need my list. Now.

My team mate is playing Tau, so will be providing some ranged support. I will have his lists up later for you to see.

List One
Death Company(8): 190-Jump Packs
Assault Squad(5): 190- Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol x 2, Melta Bomb
Assault Squad(5): 185- Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol x 2
Assault Squad(5): 170- Power Fist
Vindicator: 145- Extra Armour, Pintile Storm Bolter

Pts: 1000 Scoring Units: 3 KPs: 5, 10 ('ard Boyz)

List Two
Dante: 200
Honour Guard(5): 215- 2 x Power Weapon, Standard Bearer, Blood Angels Banner, Melta Gun
Death Company(3): 15- Jump Packs
Assualt Squad(5): 165- Power Fist
Assualt Squad(5): 155- Power Weapon, Melta Bomb
Vindicatior: 145- Extra Armour, Pintile Storm Bolter

Pts: 1000 Scoring Units: 2 KPs: 6, 9 ('ard Boyz)

So go ahead and vote. Short poll so vote know. AND Comment on what you think or any suggestions/modifications.

Which List would you use?
List One- Lemartes/DC 5 (83%)
List Two- Dante/HG 1 (16%)