Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Classic: Kerrunch

So someone in my club picked up this classic game at the Bizarre Bazaar last Saturday for $20.

Kerrunch is the predeccessor to Blood Bowl. All in all from what we saw, it is much less strategic, much faster, and less complicated. I would call it a board game instead of a wargame.

One interesting thing is you drop your "Block" dice essentially into the lid onto a grid to see if you hit or missed your opponent. If it lands on a hit, then the number versus the targets race determines the result. Elves always get stunned at least, while orcs are the most resilient, although all of the die on a result of a 6.

Movement is random. A d6 is rolled each turn, though elves add 2 to their roll. Though if you roll poorly, a Dwarf can still outrun him. This is part of what draws away from the strategy. Very random movement.

There is no kickoff, rather both teams start in the endzone and charge the middle to pick up the ball.

In 4 turns, there were over 6 deaths, and many numerous injuries.

The game that we played saw the Dwarves and Humans of the Bright Crusaders beat the Elves and Orcs of the Darkside cowboys, 3-1, with the Cowboys only feilding 3 people in the last turn.

You would think those elves and orcs would have an advantage that far up and with possession. Then they hit the line and die.