Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tactica: Two Detachments, Part Two

Check out Part One.

Last time I covered two detachments out of one codex.
There is how ever no rule against using a detachment out of two separate codices. A detachment is for all intensive purposes a separate army. It is kinda like playing a team game by yourself.

Once again you have the same limitations and disadvantages as I pointed out in Part One, but you have a whole new range of advantages.

1- Tactical flexibility. You are not longer constrained to just your strengths, but you can match the strengths of another to suit your weakness.
2- Complementary Characters. Some Characters can benefit other armies quite well. Eldrad casting doom on a unit of Plague Marines for instance, so that a SM assault squad can tear them up. I will show this again in the example list.

A disadvantage:
Smaller armies tend to have their weakness exploited easier versus a larger force. So if someone is good at fighting guard, and guard make up 1/2 of your force, they can bring their full force against that smaller group and dominate.

A suggestion:
Keep it fluffy. People will be more likely to face a combination of IG and SM than something like Necrons and Tau.

Recommended Fluffy Combinations:
1- Any mix of Imperial forces: They fight side to side all the time
2- Tau and IG: This would be like Tau and Gue'vesa auxiliaries
3- Eldar and SM, IG or DH: Eldar often have the same interests as the Imperium, especially regarding Chaos
4- Dark Eldar and Chaos: They can fight each other AFTER those Mon'kiegh worshippers of the False Emperor are dead.
5- Chaos and IG: Renegade gaurd fighting under their fallen Astartes Masters
6- Orks and Chaos: They did it in Dawn of War, why can't you do it in the game. And Khorne is essentially the Human form of an Ork
7- Kroot Merc and any seemingly "good" aligned force: They work for hire, but they are smart enough to know who NOT to work for
8- Dark Eldar and Orks- DE paid off the orks (with Dakka) to make a distraction while they slip behind and slave raid.

Not Fluffy Combos
1- Tyranids and anyone: They eat everyone
2- Necrons and anyone: They harvest everyone
3- Dark Eldar and any Imperial Force: Mon'kiegh are slaves, not allies
4- Orks and Imperials/Eldar/Tau: Humies are good for fightin' 'gainst, not wid, same fur dem space elfs and runts
5- Chaos and SM: wouldn't they just all be one or the other? And no enemy could make them unite. They'd rather die.
6- WH and anyone not Imperial: They hate too much
7- DH and chaos: That's just obvious
8- Tau and Chaos: There is no greater good in Chaos

So now that you get the idea, here is a list (or pair of rather)

Kharn's Renegade Battleforce 4000 pt list, 2 detachments
HQ- Kharn the Betrayer- 165
Elites- Chaos Terminators (5)- 495: 5 x Champion, Khorne Icon, 5 x Combi-Meltas; Land Raider, Extra Armour, Twin-Linked Bolters
Troops- Khorn Berzerkers (11)- 271: Skull Champion, Power Fist
Troops- Khorn Berzerkers (12)- 292: Skull Champion, Power Fist
Troops- Khorn Berzerkers (8)- 233: Skull Champion, Power Weapon, Rhino
Troops- Khorn Berzerkers (8)- 233: Skull Champion, Power Weapon, Rhino
Heavy Support- Vindicator- 145: Daemonic Possession
Heavy Support- Vindicator- 145: Daemonic Possession
Land Raider- 240: Extra Armour, Twin-Linked Bolter

Pts: 1979 Scoring Units: 4 KPs: 8, 13 (‘ard Boyz)

HQ- Company Command Squad- 245: Creed, Auto-Cannon, 3 x Sniper Rifle, Master of Ordnance, Master of the Fleet, Carapace Armour
Elites- Sly Marbo- 65
Troops- Platoon Command Squad- 135: Commissar, Power Weapon; Power Weapon, Heavy Flamer, 3 x Melta-Gun
Troops- Infantry Squad- 110: Commissar, Power Weapon; Melta-Gun, Mortar
Troops- Infantry Squad- 110: Commissar, Power Weapon; Melta-Gun, Mortar
Troops- Heavy Weapons Squad- 105: 3 x Lascannons
Troops- Heavy Weapons Squad- 90: 3 x Missile Launchers
Troops- Penal Legion Squad- 80
Fast Attack- Valkyrie- 155: Multiple Rocket Pods, Lascannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Fast Attack- Vendetta- 140: Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Fast Attack- Banewolf Squadron (2)- Multi-melta, extra armour, smoke launchers (each)
Heavy Support- Leman Russ Battle Tank- 205: Extra Armour, Plasma Cannon Sponsons
Heavy Support- Basilisk Battery (2)- 250

Pts: 2020 Scoring Units: 6 KPs: 17, 17 (‘ard Boyz)

Pts: 3999 Scoring Units: 10 KPs: 25, 30 (‘ard Boyz)

Okay, so if it isn't obvious you do the following.
-Add Kharn to the 11 man Berzerker Squad
-Load the 11 and 12 man squads into the Valkyrie and Vendetta. Out Flank with them. You can even grav chute in.
-Use Creed to bring in something sweet with an outflank, like a vindicator or the Terminators in their Land Raider.
-Guard are firesupport. Plenty of meltas pop vehicles and transports so berzerkers can hit the enemy (especially the guys in the transports).

So there you go. Happy Gaming.