Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hobby Work: Blood Angels and Deceiver Commission

Sorry for the bad lighting. Did this on the fly with a friends camera (inferior to mine at that) and without a good setup as I usually do.

Messing around with GW snow flock. I don't really like it and prefer the Gale Force 9 that I used on my Mephiston. I think I am going to order up a tub for the rest of my models. The head I put on at the same time. Just Cut the eagle of an IG head and painted on an 8 pointed star. (NOTE There is a little white spot on head that looks like a skull. This is not actually there but is rather something in the photo. Dust or something.)

Here is my converted Axe Mortalis. My old one broke off and I lost it, so I made this one, which I thin is better anyways. It uses the an SM command sprue banner pole/crozius top. The Winged skull one. I just cut off one wing for what I needed. The rest is an SM Veteran power axe. I cut the blade off so I could remove the top, seperating the power cable from the main body as well. I then placed the skull on, and attached the blade and the cable. Tada. Bigger wing than Dante's typically.

I also pinned Dante to the stem of a flying base which I then put on a normal 25mm base by carving out a hole and molding some green stuff around to make sure it held Dante's weight.

Just a Blood Angel Tactical Marine. The sheild is a Brettonian Pauldron with a free styled blood drop. It really looks good in person (or higher quality photos). I also did some battle damage as you can see, as if his hand had been blown off. Even some bone sticking out. Once again, would be better with better photos.

Okay, The Deceiver, or rather the Gayceiver as my friend wanted. Basically they decided the Deceiver was gay (in and out of game) and needed to come out of the closet (or tomb in his case). This is what they asked for. So I delivered. Of course my first commission is the oddest I will ever have.
From a hobby aspect I am kind proud. The middle of the sash was missing so I had to sculpt it out of Green Stuff. The skin I think turned out rather nice, and if I had to do my own Deceiver, I think I would do it the same way, though not the rest of it. I'd lose the lips and rainbow sash, but that is what they asked for.
To get the clouds, I just used a cotton ball and pulled it apart some.
Now go ahead and laugh at it, but I was not too proud to resist the challenge they set before me. They wanted a Gay looking model and I believe I delivered.
AND DON'T LET IT REFLECT ON ME! I painted what the client wanted, not what I would want a deceiver to be.