Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tau in Halo

So I was going to do an article on what the potential future of armoured co.'s would be, but I want to see the new Guard Codex first.

So in the mean time I just wanted to post something I had noticed over time:

The Human Fleet in Halo is very reminiscent of the Tau fleet.

First of all, the UNSC and the Tau use the same symbol.

Next, Human ships are slower through slip-space than Convenant ships, as Tau are slower through warp than the other races.

Humans use MACs (Magnetic Accelerator Cannons). Tau use Rail Guns.

Humans use Archer missiles (Clusters of a bunch of missiles). Tau Missiles are suppossed to be similar.

Orca and Pelican drop ships are very similar with swivel engines.

Just saying.