Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the doghouse: Why don't I deserve an FAQ?

Okay, so I am looking around the net at the Q2 Q3 releases from GW. Dissapointingly enough, none of them point really to a fixed DA/BA/BT list. The DH and WH suffer as well. The SW aren't to bad because they get to use the new SM codex. But why not us?

GW said they weren't going to FAQ these armies, because it would just be to confusing and difficult and we should just wait for our armies to be released in full.

SO my questions are:
How long do we have to wait?
How does making essentially two types of Space Marine armies make the game easier?
How is that fair?

Well for one: It isn't fair. Why am I left with worse everything almost? Worse Land Raiders, Worse TH & SS Termies etc. etc.

Next: It doesn't make things easier. Chances are no beginner picks up the BA, DA, and BT. More advanced players can handle it. Trust me.

Last: I can't answer this one. Maybe their secret project for 40k is "Angels of Death" and is a supplement including DA and BA. Hopefully. I doubt it. They are putting alot of other stuff in front of us and the rumour mills don't support this theory (SW, Xenos and Space Hulk seem to be the favoured topics).

I just don't want another WD release. It would have been simple enough to balance BA, DA and BT alongside the SM codex, but now we play the waiting game. I for one though am too proud to play red marines. Luckily my army is undergoing a makeover that should be done by the end of the Summer. Hopefully by then, something will have been done to ease the situation.

Untill then, Drink Deep of Victory and Remember the Fallen.