Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Evolution of a List: Eldar 3000 pts

Check out all the earlier lists here.

Autarch- 125: Warp Jump Generator, Power Weapon, Fusion Gun, Mandiblasters
Farseer- 155: Spirit Stones, Jetbike, Fortune, Mindwar


Wraithguard (5+1)- 356: Warlock, Spiritseer, Enhance; Wave Serpent, Twin Linked Bright Lances
Fire Dragons (6)- Exarch, Fire Lance, Crack Shot

Guardian Jetbikes (6+1)- 205: 2 x Shuriken Cannon; Warlock, Singing Spear, Embolden
Guardian Jetbikes (6+1)- 212: 2 x Shuriken Cannon; Warlock, Enhance
Dire Avengers (10)- 280: Exarch, Power Weapon, Shimmershield, Defend, Bladestorm; Wave Serpent, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers
Guardians (11+1)- 268: Warlock, Conceal; Starcannon; Wave Serpent, Twin-Linked Scatter Lasers
Rangers(6)- 144: Pathfinders

Fast Attack
Warp Spiders (10)- 262: Exarch, Extra Deathspinner, Power Blades, Withdrawal
Warp Spiders (10)- 262: Exarch, Spinneret Rifle, Power Blades, Withdrawal
Vyper Squadron (3)- 205: Bright Lance, 2 x Eldar Missle Launchers
Heavy Support
Falcon Grav Tank- 170: Scatter Laser, Holo-fields, Vectored Engines
Falcon Grav Tank- 180: Star Cannon, Holo-fields, Vectored Engines

Pts: 2999 Scoring Units: 5 KPs: 14, 24 ('ard Boyz)

Infiltators (the Rangers). This gives you an extra scoring unit that can deploy closer to objectives on the table. These guys as an added bonus have stealth and move through cover.
Snipers (the Rangers again). A type of weapon not yet present in the army is sniping weapons. These cause pinning and have a high rate of wounding. C'tan and other Montrous Creatures have a fear of sniping.

The earlier lists detail most of this. Only the Rangers really need to be described here.
You have two options with them: Infiltrate or deploy in the second falcon. This is really a personal choice that varies from mission to mission. In 4th ed. I would have hesitated to infiltrate in this army, but 5th ed. makes cover saves alot easier to gain, so it is up for debate. The Falcon though does gives them the flexibility of rapidly moving around the feild to take objectives or get within their 36 inch range with their heavy weapons. Set these snipers in an objective with Warp Spiders for counter assaults and/or to thwart approaching enemies.

Other changes in the list include a Warlock with Conceal to aid the survival of the Guardians, some better weapons on some vehicles, upgrades on the autarch to make him more fierce in combat. As well, the second falcon adds a bit more firepower.

Make sure you are able to convert the Autarch to be usable in all lists, and have the weapons on the wave serpents/falcons/vypers able to switch out.

Thats it for the Eldar. What list do you want done next? Hit the right -->. Not doing a full weeks vote though this time.

Plan of the Day: Get paint to airbrush my tanks and get some magnets for 2 projects.