Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Hobby Work (Part I)

First let me say: Sorry about the lighting. Didn't have time for a proper photo shoot today. Thought having something was better than nothing.

Okay, here are some photos of some stuff done recently. Sorry lighting is bad. Terminator Captain Conversion and 3rd Squad Tactical Marine.

The Terminator is made from the torso of Marneus Calgar and a pair of Grey Knight Terminator legs. Sawed the Grey Knight in half and trimmed some of Calgar's cape on the inside. Cut the Ammo box off the GK leg and covered the area with plastics bitz like purity seals and krak grenades. I am probably going to add a pair of Chaos Lord Lightning Claws. There is some green stuff to hold him together and give him his Vanilla Ice haircut.

The Blood Angel is painted by starting with mech red foundation paint, then applying blood angels red. Low lights are scab red and red gore mixes, high lights are blood red, blazing and fiery orange mixes. The Model gets washed with magenta ink. The Blue areas are regal blue, enchanted blue, ice blue. The Aquilla is grey foundation, shadow grey, fortress grey and space wolves grey.