Friday, January 2, 2015

Blood Angels Venerable Furioso Astramael- Completed Metal Furioso Dreadnought w/ Freehanded Banner

So I have had this guy since 3rd Edition. I had painted him back when I was in 7th Grade and eventually stripped him in college and had him sitting around for years. When I got my Forge World Blood Angels brass etch, I decided it was time to break him out and give it a go, adding some iconography to his plainer metal features. Additionally, I had the old school Blood Angels Honour Guard banner which was perfect to go on the hull of the dreadnought. I pinned the banner in place using a broken drill bit from a pin vice. I based the design off the actual BA 2nd Co banner, and altered it to read "The Blooded", the name of 2nd Co, and removed some detail (the grail) since it isn't the company banner. Possibly it is Astramael's personal heraldry from when he was a Captain?
I'll go over basing of him in my next post.

As for his name, this is an actual BA Furioso as mentioned in the 5th ed codex. Pg 14, it talks about the Assault on Baal in 798.M41. An Ork Waaagh! known as Big Skorcha invaded the Baal system with 3 Space Hulks. Dante led most of the Chapter onto the hulks and managed to destroy two of them, but the last got through to Baal, with the Warboss himself leading the assault on the Fortress Monastery. Unfortunately for him the compliment of chapter dreadnoughts (all 41) had been left to guard the fortress, and were led by Astramael. The force of dreads nearly destroyed all the Orks prior to reinforcements arrived.

Now for pictures!