Friday, January 2, 2015

Predictions for GW AD MECH and Harlequin Supplements

So there is ALOT of chatter floating about the interwebs concerning two pictures of suppossed AD MECH Skitarii.
I for one am slightly skeptical, and if these are in fact Skitarii, a little dissapointed. I always imagined they being much more ferocious looking and covered with totems and icons and such. Just thought, from all the descriptions that they should OOZE savagery. The above images seen too clean, and not bulky enough, or enhanced enough (guns built into arms etc. etc.)
Close, but with more wolf pelts and armour.
Kinda like this actually.
HOWEVER that is not the point of the post.

I bet you this year we will see a Skitarii release. But it will not be a whole faction like some people think or want. That would cut into Forge World and 30k WAY TO MUCH.

What I think you will see is a small supplemental codex like Codex Inquisition or Codex Imperial Knight. Basically the rules for 1-3 units, some wargear and that is about it. There will be a detachment and likely a formation, but it will be like an Imperial Knight or Inquisitor detachment, so you don't have to take a full allied detachment or CAD.

Along with this you will get a single boxed set of Skitarii. Maybe 2 to 3 sets at most (Skitarii, Preatorians, some sort of HQ).

NOW What you will see is Forge World incorporating this squad into their 30k AD MECH lists, so it can be used both ways. This way they also don't have to reinvent the highly successful FW AD MECH and it would explain why FW has not yet done the most prevalent of AD MECH soldiery.
Now for Harlequins. It will basically be the same thing I believe. A limited supplement with a special Harlequin Troupe detachment so you don't have to take additional Eldar or DE. Possibly a plastic resculpt of the Harlequins, maybe a blister pack with a Solitaire and/or Death Jester. But it will not be a full faction, just something on the scale of Codex Inquisition. Wargear, 2-4 units, possibly a warlord table. Detachment, Formation, done.

To me this seems a way more likely and honestly feasible way to introduce these forces and factions into the 40k gaming pool. And it fits the general concept of 2015 being the year of Campaigns and Supplements. In fact, both of these mini-factions would be perfect additions to a campaign the month prior to or after a major release.

And it would finally give me reason to paint the harlequin troupe I have sitting in a drawer without having to invest in a whole new army.