Wednesday, December 17, 2014

7th Ed Blood Angels 2k List: Baal Strike Force + CAD w/ new Deathstar?

This is the first full list I have made using the new Blood Angels codex. Just tinkering around with the rules and options and I think I have found an EXTREMELY hard hitting squad, which could be a new Deathstar type unit (Bloodstar? Angelstar?)
LoW- Gabriel Set: Warlord- 155
HQ- Chaplain: Terminator Armour, The Crown Angelic, Storm Bolter & Crozius- 130
HQ- Brother Corbulo- 120
Elites- Terminator Assault Squad (5): Lightning Claws x 5- 220
Elites- Death Company(5): Powerfist & BP, Power Sword & BP, 3 x CCW & BP, Jump Packs- 165
Troops- Scout Squad (5): Sarge w/ Power Sword & BP, 4 x BP & CCW- 70
Troops- Tactical Squad (10); Vet Sarge w/ Power Sword & Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Rhino- 235
Heavy Support- Land Raider Crusader- 250
Heavy Support- Devastator Squad: Sarge w/ BP & CCW, 2 x Lascannon, 2 x ML w/ Flakk missile- 160

HQ- Mephiston- 175
Troops- Scout Squad (5): 4 x Sniper Rifles, 1 x ML- 74
Troops- Tactical Squad (10): Sarge w/ Inferno Pistol & Power Fist, Melta gun, Multi-Melta, Rhino- 245

Total Points: 1999

SO The concept is to put Seth, Corbulo, Mephiston, and the Chaplain all in the Terminator Assault Squad. Put that into the Land Raider Crusader. Watch that blossom from there.

FIRST of all everyone gets +1 Initiative and WS from Corbulo. Everyone, except Mephiston, gain an additional +1 when they charge from Baal Strike Force. Plus FNP on everyone.
Next you have the Chaplain giving everyone Zealot buffs, meaning rerolls to hit and essentially fearless. PLUS he has fear at -2 LD. Most people discount fear, but assuming the squad has an LD of 10, that gets modified to an 8. That is a 42% chance that they will not pass and will be WS1.
 Now with Mephiston, you WANT to pray for Unleash Rage. I would say Quickening or Wings of Sanguinus would be good seconds, but HOPE for Unleash rage. For this post, lets say you get it. Now you are buffing rage onto everyone (+2 attacks for charging) and giving Seth an extra +1 attack since he already has Rage.

Let us tally this up: Movement, disembark. Shooting, pop 1 plasma pistol, 2 bolt pistol and 1 stormbolter shots off.  Psychic Phase, Mephiston pops Unleash Rage, Quickening and Sanguine Sword.  Assault phase, assault out of Crusader since it is an Assault Vehicle.

Terminators- 25 x WS5, I6, S5, AP3 Attacks that reroll to hit and to wound
Chaplain- 4 x WS6, I6, S5, AP4 Concussive attacks that reroll to hit.
Corbulo- 6 x WS6, I7, S5, AP- Rending attacks that reroll to hit
Mephiston- 7+D3 x WS7, I6+D3, S10, AP3 Attacks that reroll to hit. If 
Seth- 7 (+D3 if Rampage is in effect) x WS7, I7, S9, AP4 Rending attacks that reroll to hit AND generate and extra hit with each roll of a 6 (so avg of 1-2 extra hits)

That is enough to take down just about anything IMO. Sure there is no AP2, but sheer weight of attacks that will get through handles that IMO. Plus there is alot of rending to deal with.

All of this with 2+/5++ on the terminators, 3+/4++ on Seth and 3+ rerollable on Corbulo + FNP.
Beyond the Bloodstar the rest of the list is built to handle just about anything IMO.
The reason I went with an Allied for the additional units (other than to get Mephiston) was to get some ObSec units in. Scout Snipers to sit in my deployment zone and hold objectives, Tactical Squad is a Tank hunting unit that is intended to take objectives from camping squads and transports (and whatever other armour is a nuisance).

The other scout squad (Baal SF one) is meant to just be such a low priority they should be able to get onto an objective, and assault another weak unit off it if need be, without being blown to bits. And if they are, it is no great loss. Second tactical squad is to take objectives from other scoring or obsec units, especially hordes. Flamespray and then assault.

Death company is just a generalist assault unit. Well that may be underselling them, but they are designed to hit hard where they are needed when they are needed. Jump Packs to give them greater mobility. Think of them as a Rapid Reinforcement

Dev Squad is the last part of the equation. Another squad sitting in my deployment zone. Lascannons and Missile Launchers for picking off vehicles, Flakk missiles for that bit of flyer defence I am otherwise entirely lacking.