Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blood Angels 3rd Company RETCON

So I am working on my review of the Blood Angels codex. Expect that tomorrow. But for now I want to share a RETCON  in the new codex.

They changed the Blood Angels 3rd Company Captain. Well really they changed it BACK. To me Tycho is no longer the Captain, as he DEAD. If you are using him in the game it is historically as either Captain or Death Company. But he died at Hive Tempestora during the 3rd War for Armageddon (998.M41). It even says it IN THE NEW CODEX.

He was succeeded by Captain Machiavi. It is in the 5th Ed Codex.

BUT in the new codex you have this:

So really less of a RETCON and more of a mistake. But before I read the Tycho the Lost entry I was worried that Armageddon was going to be Retconned much the same way as the 13th black crusade.

EDIT- SO I just noticed the little blurb at the top of page 12 of the new codex, stating "Chapter Strength as of 998.M41", where as the 5th Ed Codex states the chapter strength Circa 999.M41.  So it isn't really a mistake. Just an unneeded tweak,,,