Monday, October 13, 2014

Converted Blood Angels Assault Terminator Sergeant- 1st Sergeant Rodrigo

Just a quick update to show you what I had been working on this weekend.

A while back I had some WIP photos of my Terminator conversions. The idea behind this squad is that since 1st Company has no honour guard, they are the defacto one as the Terminators of the 1st Squad, thus having the 1st Sergeant (not a rank like First Sergeant in the Army, but rather a position as this would be the #1 Sergeant in the entire Chapter).

Black and White is artsy. And smooth.
The conversion is a normal Terminator body and arms, with a Sanguinary Guard torso, a Grey Knight Terminator head and Chapter House Studio shoulder pads and storm shield. I had to cut up a normal shield to get the hand/handle combo for the CHS shield, as it does not come with a hand. The basing will come later (snow basing like all my marines, but since there is so much room on a terminator base, I want to add some elements to it).

The banner and all emblems were free hand. Redemptor is an actual name of a Blood Angel's veteran squad and the banner is based off the old sticker banners that used to come with kits. The shoulder pads are in line with the codex (black for Vet Sarges, white skull for 1st Co, Yellow BA logo on black shoulder pads), as is the right knee pad (Black w/ white skull for 1st Squad).

Without further ado, I give you 1st Sergeant Rodrigo