Saturday, October 18, 2014

Completed Scratch Built Great Unclean One

So some years ago I did a Scratch Built Great Unclean One (GUO from here on out) for a friend as a commission. Through a series of trades and sales and such it eventually came back to me, for which I was glad as it really was fun to sculpt and looked great IMO. So I did a little bit more work on it (because I had excessive green stuff that had to get used) and just sat around. I eventually primed it but that is all.
The face was inspired by the goblins from the old animated Hobbit movie, Jabba the Hutt and a black and white image of Ku'Gath
Then all this Nurgle stuff started showing up for the end times, and while I am not going to start an army, I was "divinely" inspired by Grandfather Nurgle and had the perfect model to work with.

In the past I had got to paint two Deamons, a Daemon Prince Conversion I had done and a Forge World Scabeiathrax, both for the same guy as the GUO I had made. Both were alot of fun and are really different stylistically then the Marine I paint day in and out. While I love my BA, the break and freedom an Nurgle Daemon represents is fantastic.

So I present to you, my scratch built GUO, completed after over 5 years...