Friday, December 14, 2012

Blood Angel Assault Marine, Honour Guard and Sanguinary Terminators WIPs (CONVERSIONS)

SO sorry I am a little delayed after my last post. And I haven't go to work on my Blood Angels at all since then either, though after this I am watching an episode of 20th century battlefields and doing just that.

BUT for now some WIP photos.

This is just a simple paint update: 10 assault marines in progress. You can notice some kitbashing through out, as well as chapterhouse helmet and a FW chainaxe.

Next for some more COOL stuff. So my angels are based around 2nd Company. As such I need a captain and honour guard. And I need an honour guard to paint a freehand 2nd company banner for to do a tutorial. So here they are.

To run through, the captain is on the left and is based off an Ultramarine champion. He has a little bit of work left to make him a full on blood angel, but I can't wait to show the final results. He will be pretty convincing in my opinion. Next, in back, you have a banner bearer and a Sanguinary Priest. The bearer is kit bashed Death Company and Command Squad with an old metal Death Company Power Sword. The Priest is just an old metal apothecary with a new Death Company chainsword.

Now the two in front, those are currently my favourite of the squad. So the center one is the Tech Adept. For you old BA players, you'll recall that old staple of the honour guard. Well I still adhere to that fluff as discussed some time ago.

So he consits of Sanguinary Guard legs (the tech adepts had artificer armour after all), a tank crew torso, FW character upgrade arm and plasma pistol and Storm Raven pilot helmet. The Axe head is cut off an old trashed techmarine I had lying around and glued to a plastic assault marine axe. I think he looks awesome and I plan on giving him one of the Chapterhouse Studio jump packs (turbo fans!).

The other guy is just a veteran, but a cool one at that.

Sanguinary Guard legs again (it is what I had, plus they really worked for the pose). The torso is from an old metal space marine biker. Just the way he is holding the plasma gun is great. Sure plasma guns may not be the best for jump pack equipped models, but I don't plan on using this squad in game very often at all. They are more for hobby purposes and show than gaming. Anyways, finished up with a normal bolt pistol that went really well with the flow of the model and a knife on the belt for that added umph of detail.

NOW FOR SOMETHING REALLY COOL (well at least to me).

So I really like the new Cataphractii (sp?) terminators from Forge World. They are pretty cool. BUT I thought I could take it a step further and make some really Blood Angel looking ones. Here is what I have so far.

So these just take a normal Terminator Assault Squad for the backs, part of the front and the legs. I then chopped off the front of each torso and added the Sanguinary Guard torso (slightly trimmed in back) and Grey Knight heads.Still have a little green stuff work to do with some gaps, but you can't really see that in the photos.

To finish them they are going to get Chapterhouse Studio shoulderpads and thundershields (all will be TH & SS termies)

SO there you go. Just a quick update on my work.