Monday, October 27, 2014

Big Box Terrain- Angry Mojo Games

So I found and backed this kickstarter (my first one).

Big Box Terrain by Angry Mojo Games

It is a pretty awesome concept- a whole table's worth of terrain for $50 MSRP. The key is laser cut MDF board, which is pretty solid stuff.

They have 3 fundamental playscapes designed around either Infinity (Hexoplolis, city of the future!), Malifaux (Cemetery a-la New Orleans) or Warhammer 40k (Ruins a-la Stalingrad). I obviously back the 40k.

Is it the most beautiful terrain. No. BUT I am getting it with the intention of easily being able to travel with it and set up for a game any time any where. Get a battle mat to go with this set and you are completely ready for action.

Check it out! With only 10 days remaining, there is not too much time left.

The best part is, they already have their laser, so they start production IMMEDIATELY after Kickstarter releases their funds to them! Which means it should be here BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!!