Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What I'd Like To See In Blood Angels 40k 7th Edition 2014

So having played Blood Angels since 3rd Edition going through a minidex that stretched over two Space Marine, a White Dwarf Codex, and the current codex, I have a lot of hope for the next edition of Blood Angels.

First of all, I want them to be a stellar Close Combat Army. And really, they are now. The issue is that 6th ed isn't good for that. I think the upcoming 7th edition will address that more so than any codex ever would, or even could. So I won't go on and on about that, because the scope of that topic is too large for this post, and frankly I think the upcoming edition change will largely help...

The hardest thing to predict and anticipate for is making them divergent enough from the current SM codex as to make it worth it that they aren't just better off as a supplement to the main SM codex, though that would be horrible I guess. I would just be worried of them being too much like vanilla marines. While grav weapons and centurions would be nice, I already have hand flamers, inferno pistols and Sanguinary Guard... do I need, or in fact deserve to have those weapons/units...

1- Inclusion of the Storm Talon or some proprietary flyer. Talking about needing/deserving, this one is BIG to me. The BA were the first with the Storm Raven (they had it before the model was even designed!!!). I was okay with the Grey Knights getting it, but then every Space Marine chapter (Sorry DA and SW) got access to it? What the heck? They stole it, just because everyone wanted it and SM deserve everything (okay, to sell more...) And the other Chapter's also get the Storm Talon, which as I have discussed before makes most sense in the Blood Angels as rapid fire support and goes with their "Refuse to cede their mastery of the heavens to any foe, even for a moment" (pg 38 BA Codex). This closed lid on Fliers has even continued into FW fliers, with BA pretty much only getting the new Fire Raptor gunship, but no Storm Eagles (which make most sense for BA and were introduced for all other SM as on offset to Ravens... then they all got Ravens!) Raven's are nice, but no longer proprietary. I would like some of the individuality back please.

One of mine, before he was based. CHS jump pack.
2- Viable Jump Troop Armies. Jump Packs are COOL. BA have the greatest amount to access to them. Their delivery and effectiveness needs to be really effective as opposed to the game now in 6th. A big part of this has to do with how assault works in the game right now. Hopefully 7th is a fix to that issue another way to make Jump Troops viable would be...

3- Viable Descent of Angel Army. Basically a way around the 1/2 reserves rule would be nice. Drop Pods armies can get around this since the pods HAVE TO DS. Well since DS is a BA preferred method, they should be able to get around this nuisance too. The problem is they can't. I shouldn't have to take Drop Pods when I have the most capable Jump Troops because of DoA. As well, since Ravens aren't dedicated transports, the squad inside of them has to adhere to the 1/2 deploy 1/2 reserve restriction, so it's not like I can put everyone in Ravens. 5th ed may have been a little too extreme in this manner, but 6th swang way to far in the other direction.

Dante and Astorath at a Nerfed Anonymous Meeting 
4- CHARACTERS WITH AXES THAT AREN'T I1!!!! Really this is Dante and Astrorath. The 2 Greatest heroes from the chapter known for it's combat prowess. They should be combat beasts, but apparently Sergeant McNobody of the Imperial Guard... uh I mean Astra Militarum (that is still so wrong to me) is just as handy with an Axe as them. With the abundance of AP2 weapons that aren't I1, these guys can get a break.

5- Moriar the Chosen- There are so few character vehicles in the game, I just feel this would be cool to bring back. He is an awesome part of BA lore (same with Veteran Sergeant Cluetin if you know back that far). Plus dreadnoughts are AWESOME.

6- A kit that includes a grail bit- This is just a simple wish for ease of conversions.

7- A Sanguinary Priest model that isn't a character. (This could satisfy #6) Really the Apothecary models GW offers are such old sculpts. The FW ones are nice, but kinda static infantry and, well, FW. It would be nice to get a new Apothecary sculpt and I feel that BA are the correct place and time to do this. \

8- Tech Adepts back in Honour Guards. A nod to the old fluff. I still model them this way, though it is just a veteran per the rules. I would just like to see the option brought back, especially since BA don't get (or at least currently) Masters of the Forge or Thunderfire Cannons, and I really don't want or need those. It brings them too much in line with Codex SM. Tech Adepts in Honour Guards is a great way to work the role into the army without it treading on other codices WHILE going back to BA roots.

9- Come up with something better for the Glaive Encarmine. It is just a mastercrafted weapon. Good and cool I guess, but not really taken since it is 2 handed. It is funny how in the Sanguinary Guard kit, only 2 of the two handed weapons are posed in such a way that they are being handled by two hands...

10- More background fluff on Iconography and such. Since this will be a full colour, hardback codex dedicated to a single marine chapter, I am expecting pretty expansive art and background. It has become more and more developed, but the current SM codex goes over several different chapters and still manages to show all 10 of the Ultramarine's company banners. I would like to see mine.

11- A Flesh Tearer or 3rd Company Supplement. Either Or. Being a BA player, I'd rather see Tycho's company at Armageddon, however I understand that Flesh Tearers would likely be more popular and successful, especially if an upgrade sprue or kit were released alongside it. An all DC force supplement would be cool, but this can kinda already be done and Unbound armies will allow for this anyways...

So there you go, my wish list for BA. Not too much to ask for IMO. Really just want the feel of my 5th Ed BA back (what the codex was designed around) and some little hobby additions. What do you think? Is it too much... did I just fall short of asking them to throw in the kitchen sink...
Its a deep sink with a really wide faucet.