Thursday, May 15, 2014

Last of the Genswick Conversions: Officers, Sergeants and Lord Commissar Creed

For those who don't follow me regularly, I am selling off my Genswick (less than a day left in this Auction) Imperial Guard Astra Militarum and before I get rid of them I wanted to post a few more conversions in the army that I had done. One last hurrah if you will.

First off the Officers

These are all really easy yet effective conversions to evoke the Genswick imagery, especially that of an aristocratic officer corps/ The left is simply a WHFB Empire Duelist with a Bretonnian Men-At-Arms helmet and is a platoon commander. The right is the Imperial Guard Fleet Officer, once more with a helmet. Not really seen is the Bretonnian sheathed sword on the back hanging from his belt to represent a power sword. This too was a platoon commander. The center model is the company commander and is just a Forge World DKK Command HQ Squad Officer with the head removed and a full Bretonnian Men-At-Arms head put in place. Fits right in, perfectly ages him and makes him seem bitter IMO.

Next are Genswick Power Axes
Once more easy conversions that clearly establish what the model is, fit with the Genswick look and are minimal in effort. The one on the left is just a normal Men-at-Arms pike with the part above the hand removed and the majority of a Space Wolf Axe from the SW upgrade sprue added. The one on the right is the Men-at-Arms religious icon banner staff with the top leveled off and the head of a regular SM assault marine power axe attached. These conversions fit perfectly with the long pole weapons I used for CCW and fit with the feel of Genswick, yet clearly are power axes and nothing else.

Finally Lord Commissar Creed Conversion
This one I realized I should've done a little differently after I was already half way through it and I couldn't let the cap go to waste (and I forgot I had the other bit). Hopefully this is inspiration though. To me the Creed model just evoked Imperial Presence and calm, brooding oversight, which is perfect for a Commissar. So this is just the regular Creed model (if you can get Finecast vice metal for this conversion, the old head was nearly impossible to remove). I took the lower half of a Men-at-Arms head and added a peaked cap from the Hellhound kit (unfortunately ruining such an awesome head). I used some green stuff in between and had to sculpt eyes and the bridge of the nose back in, but ultimately got it to read Commissar IMO. An easier way to do this would simply be to use a Leman Russ Tank commander head. Then he is yelling too and the cigar fits a little better IMO.