Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blood Angel Work and WIPs

While selling off all my Guard, I have been diligently toiling away at my Blood Angels and wanted to share some of my recent work.

First up are 3 painted marines: 1 Death Company, 1 Assault Marine w/ Meltagun and 1 Honour Guard w/ Meltagun

The Chainaxe is from FW. Old Metal DC body with new plastic DC shoulder pads.

The chest shield is from a terminator pauldron shield

Body is another old Metal DC. Jump pack is from Chapterhouse studios

Vanguard Veterans. 3 Mk III Iron Armour Assault Marines w/ legs mixed from the normal MKIII marines. \The two with TH will also get storm shields. The Plasma Gunslinger is using FW plasma pistols and arms, Sanguinary Guard legs and Tactical Marine torso and head.

The MK IV guy is from the FW Jetbikes (I am putting Sanguinary Guard bodies on the bikes). The Lightning claws are FW.

More Vanguard! Well actually the MKIV in back will be a normal assault marine, but the 5th vanguard for this squad isn't "new". Anyways, more FW. Completed the MKIV in front with normal tactical marine legs.

Left to right: A vanguard from another squad- SG legs, Sternguard upgrade Lightning claws, and tactical marine torso. See below for the next. Next is a new Sanguinary guard to have a sword vice an axe as what I currently have, made from SG legs & head and an SM champion torso. The last is a WIP Tactical marine.

This is going to be my "Sanguinor"- Brother Sepharan, the current leader of the Sanguinary Guard. Used an Emperor's champion body and sword, shaved off the shoulder pads and add SG ones and an SG head. Still have to make the Grail.