Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Non Metallic Metal Sanguinary Guard Complete

I finally finished my Non Metallic Metal (NMM) Sanguinary Guard. One of the more challenging yet rewarding things I have done as a hobbyist. They were technically difficult and TIME CONSUMING. That was the toughest part, I'd sit down to paint, put on a movie, and the movie would end and I'd still be holding the set of arms I was working on at the start. Okay, maybe not that bad, but still, it was a long process getting the shading, blending and details just right. Goog thing I am only doing one NMM squad, though I still have to do my finecast Dante, but that is for a later day.

Now for the eye candy:
Brother Raphael
Brother Cesare
Brother Angelo
Brother Erasmus
Brother Micheletto
I based the intial process off the Sanguinor guide that was in the WD released when BA came out, but over time developed my own way and approach (especially since I was getting different results anyways).
Snow bases don't really pop on these guys, but they tie in with the rest of my Blood Angels on snow, who do pop really well with the red on white.
Minor bitz swapping with Death Company for heads (and one CSM head). And obviously I used 2 jump packs from Chapterhouse Studios. The packs I didn't use from the kit will go on Sanguinary Priests. As well, the powerfist is a generic Assault Marine fist. I thought it a more dynamic pose without diminishing the BA feel, while I can use the fist from this kit on a normal marine later and really make them feel more like a son of Sanguinius.