Monday, July 2, 2012

6th Edition- 10 Things I Like/Hate About You - Discordian

Have they just stopped coming up with ideas, I was just looking for the movie poster and was like whhhhhaaaaaa

I’m going to highlight the 10 things I like about the new game and the 10 things I hate.

10 Things I like

 1.    Shooting wound allocation – Okay I thought about it for an awhile and I kind of   like it. It helps armies defend against hoards that used to just remove from the back, and it kind of gives a fake sense of expanded board size potential.
  1. Vehicle Hull System – I can’t even begin to count how many times a game has been ruined for me because some silly 35 point rhino refused to die from chart damage. It also means that a single glace can’t shut down a main battle tank from shooting.
  2. Cover save drop – So now for the most part terrain gives only a 5+, this makes me pretty happy because it means that not everyone on the table has 50% chance to ignore anything I do to them with my crappy rolling skills. Although 25% is all that required for vehicles to get saves now.
  3. Unit Varity – There a lot of rules now in place to expand the different unit types. What they can shoot, move, assault, and do is very well defined and really adds a lot of pros and cons in picking one unit over another when it comes to functionality.
  4. USR Varity - There are so many added USRs some don’t even have units that use them yet. It helps increase the standard knowledge base players use by adding a lot of tiny rules to the BRB that only showed up in obscure places in army most people don’t have access to.
  5. Shooting Weapon Library – Every weapon is described in this new edition and it comes complete with examples for each. Instead of just have blocks of text describing what does what; it has a block of text followed immediately by several varied weapon profiles so you don’t have to go searching somewhere else to see an example.
  6. Reserve – You can only have half your army in reserves (things that have to start in reserve are excluded from this number, and also everything comes on turn 4 regardless of rolls). The days of jerks just not playing the game from the beginning are over. It made it to easy for people to protect there stuff and destroy yours, and if it was an objective mission they would just have things deepstrike or fly on to contest last turn and you usually couldn’t do anything to respond. It was just not fun for the person playing against reserved armies and now it’s gone.
Surprise! I'm winning becasue where I'm standing is just off the table! I'M GENIUS!

8.   Psykers – They are far more flushed out and have a lot of added options now with the addition of the schools of magic. Every type of psychic power is described and how it interacts game wise it pretty well flushed out as well.
9.   Squadrons – No longer can a salvo from a heavy weapons squad just punk every member of a squadron. You can also choose to leave behind an immobilized member instead of just having it be destroyed.
      10. Terrain – Terrain does stuff now. Awesome.

Now for 10 things I hate

  1. Flyers – I like adding units and changing things up. But I do not like flyers right now. The older armies are not designed to deal with it and simply saying “you can just ally with someone who can” is a total rules cop out. The only saving grace I see right now is the reserve limitation. Even though flyers don’t count for reserves, if you want to have things mounted in them you have to have things on the board. You can’t just have an air force fly on 2nd turn.
  2. Challenges – Really…. Fantasy Really! In 40k YOU TOO can now tie up awesome close combat characters when your sergeant with a shaky voice goes “hey man kill me really hard first and waste all your bonuses for charging just on me”. Next assault phase you then get stuck killing dudes and if they actually happen to not be fearless and or a space marine you might be able to get out of being locked up by a stupid throwaway squad. Fingers crossed that you might have Hit and Run and that the unit you assaulted didn’t have another close combat character that instead of fighting you is now butchering the squad around you. Hopefully you have a worthless sergeant to throw at him so your main character can kill people.
I’m sorry Mephiston, GW hates you because you're too awesome.
  1. Death of Finesse Fighters – Power weapons have changed to be absolutely useless against 2+ saves. Most Xenos now are shit out of luck (except Necrons, but they are hardly finesse they are just broken beat sticks now). There are a few exceptions but most Xenos HQs are now relatively useless because they relied on swinging first in close combat with weak str attacks that at least by-passed armor, now they have weak attacks that cant hurt you if you happen to be any marine/ necron generic HQ because you have the 2+ war gear. Eldars are hit hard by this because they can’t get generic choice 2+ saves or weapons that pierce 2+ on them.
  2. TH/SS Terminators – This goes back to the above comment. Terminators in general are now the bestest things ever. They come with a good defense and have a weapon that bypasses others. They swing last but whatever, anything that swings before them better swing a lot because the averages are severally stacked. Characters that can use this equipment are super happy now because they can tank anything in the game short of monstrous creatures (most aren’t characters so you can’t challenge the hidden fist anyways) or themselves. Allies makes it so now everyone can get the best ones that have FNP on top of that as well.
  3. Speaking of which – I’m glad fnp has been dropped to a 5+, the problem is now the only way to bypass it is with instant death. Low AP shots which have always been expensive have lost a lot of ground here. FNP on things with 2+ saves or high toughness in close combat will be pretty ridicules.
  4. Close Combat Wound Allocation – SO I get to pick the person who gets the wounds allocated to at each initiative step. What happens if I have one guy in the squad who has a really good defense…. say…. A nemesis warding staff….. I was rebuilding my grey knights after the introduction the new rules and was like wait what if I buy one guy with a staff in all my squads, it doesn’t even have to be the Justicar, so challenges can’t pull him away. I can dump the wounds that would normally kill a bunch of dudes just on him. This only works on units that all have the same initiative step…. This is like most. So I found at least one way to deal with Assault terminators, power weapons, rends, monsters, and Balrogs. It’s not a guarantee because weight of numbers will kill a one dude shield barer but it’s not unrealistic to assume that a staff can soak up 5-7 wounds while the rest of the squad keeps swinging away and praying. This is just dumb and I wished they had kept the normal allocation rules because not just grey knights can pull these shenanigans.
  5. Character Goofers - All Paladins are characters………….. Really….. Every single model in that unit can look out sir on a 4+. Also that’s 16 Master-Crafted Psycannon shoots that have precision strikes on rolls of 6 to hit.
  6. Psykers – I know I said I liked how they did it, but I have few issues. One, Psyker powers are random; most armies can only get two rolls on the table and if you happen to get a big one you usually can’t cast them so you have to settle for the basic one. Two, Eldar are master psykers of the universe and they get access to only two schools; they have guys that shoot fire out of their eyes and can spin tanks around, yet they don’t get access pyro and telekinesis…..
Thought Lighing only hurts your Thoughts

  1. Fortifications – GWs answer to flyers. You can buy one gun that can shoot at flyers but has to be on the table turn one. So it gets shot to shit because it can be targeted turn one if your opponent cares. Also they are all nice expensive models that most people don’t just own for the hell of it. ALSO the fortress of redemption is stupid, you can hide and entire freaking army behind it.
  2. Close Combat Weapons – I got irritated when the rules said to look at your model and figure out for yourself what he’s holding. I see a tomahawk does that mean I can throw it….. My Kroot have knives strapped to their guns does that mean I shoot Knives or can I shoot the guns in close combat because they are the close combat weapon you speak of…. Typhus has a giant scythe it’s apparently an ax now that chops, not similar to idk a scything motion at all……. You can claim that they did this to help hobbyist who have made awesome models. But that’s the problem you can just do whatever you want to suit your needs and there no point chart for these random weapon types. Most Special Characters have clearly defined weapons, couldn’t they have just made a quick chart for each book. The rules they have in this section aren’t really that bad but they decided to idk not to actually update every codex or something and got lazy. Maybe they where burnt out from writing all the shooting weapon rules.
There are things I like and hate. But Im trying not to dwell on it

I’m going to try and stay neutral right now, it’s far too much to say I’ll try and stay positive if you couldn’t tell by my hate list.

But I’m going to play games and I’m going to adjust what I play using only models I own. Stay tuned for how that goes.

What are your likes and dislikes of 6th?