Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blood Angel Gabriel Seth/Emperor's Champion Conversion WIP

So I recently posted some lists utilizing Seth. I think 6th made him beter, even with ferocious instincts taking a hit (though still usefull in a challenge). What helps too is that he has a wholly unique weapon, so he gets no Initiative nerfing like Dante may be facing, and who the hell knows about Sanguinary Guard. He is just an S8 combat beasty, and can still get AP2 hits when he rends, and there is going to be plenty of 2+ Armour in 6th.

The thing is though, for those of you who don't know, Gabriel Seth is the Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers. I don't play Flesh Tearers. They are cool, don't get me wrong, but not my army. So the Character GW sells would fit, and even if I removed the Flesh Tearer icons, he would still be the same model that is in every Flesh Tearer army. I therefore wanted to make my own. But once again there would be an issue. You see, I try to find a spot in the fluff for every thing in my army/that I plan to put in my army. For this guy, captain didn't seem to fit. I already have a model for 2nd Company Captain (need to paint it) and he has a Jump Pack and Honour Guard anyways. As well, the squad my Seth will be with is 7th Company, but 7th Company Captain is going to be with a bike squad (I want the image of a Bike Captain, and who better than 7th Company). And I don't want a random Captain in 7th Company's squads. That's where this came in.

For those of you who don't know, that is the 3rd Book of the Astronomican (aka Chapter Approved 2003). You see, White Dwarf used to be filled with this game approved articles called "Chapter Approved" and in them they would have new Characters, Units, Variant Army Lists and just pure awesome rules (Vehicle Design Rules anyone?). After a whole bunch of these came out, they would add all of them to a Compendium under the same title and release them. This one happened to be the last time they did that. And as we all know, White Dwarf today is more for marketing than gaming/hobby.

I just happen to have the aforementioned tome, and in there, there is an entry for an Emperor's Champion. Not just a Black Templar Emperor's Champion, but one for EVERYONE. It talks about at some point in history, pretty much every Chapter since the Heresy has had an EC at some point. Especially First Founding chapters. So, Blood Angels definately qualify there. Basically, it describes an honoured warrior, not a captain, wielding a large two handed blade called the "Black Sword". Now, yes, this is a power weapon, but who says it has to be for all SM chapters. It is possible that the 1st EC for the BA weilded a eviscerator, so that became customary. This is where the rules of Seth combine with the fluff of the EC and allow me to make my Blood Angel EC without using crappy captain stats and to use my list without using a Flesh Tearer.

So now for the WIP photos (I apologize for the quality)

So what I used was just a DC front torso, SM Commander caped back, Khorne Berserker legs, a SW head, DC backpack, SM Commander leather tabard, DC thunder hammer, Imperial Guard Setinel Chainblade (with a chainsword motor added, behind the Baal Predator purity seals), SM banner with a SM Commander Iron Halo on top, some grenades on his right and a laurel on his left and head (one will be bronzed, the other green. His is a Champion, can't he have multiple awards). Not shown are his shoulder pads. One will be a terminator honors pad (to fit with the Chapter Approved article) and the other will hav ean iron cross painted on.

So I think he fits the rules of Seth and the image of the Emperor's Champion rather well, and more so once painted. I particularly like my solution for Seth's Blood Reaver/The Black Sword. Will definately make the model stand out IMO.

Nice thing is I had some leftover parts and was able to build two more marines. Heads courtesy of Chapterhouse Studios.