Saturday, July 21, 2012

2000 Point Space Marine List for 6th Ed- Crimson Fist Firefight of Fury

So when looking through all the psychic powers, I really liked divination. It rocks with how well it can boost shooting units, and I thought to myself "Man, a Librarian in a squad of Sternguard with any of these powers (except the last one, scriering or whatever. But I'd just replace that with the primaris power) would just ROCK. And then I said "Well, who does Sternguard best?" The only answer: PEDRO KANTOR, CHAPTER MASTER OF THE CRIMSON FISTS. So BAM, army concept made.

EDIT: SO It was pointed out to me in the comments that SM don't have access to Divination, something I forgot to look into. Big Oops! Still a decent list IMO if you want to stay Purist. BUT an easy fix would be to take a Blood Angel or Dark Angel Librarian and Scout Squad. Probably Blood Angels on the 5 man scout squad so that they have the Red Thirst. Nice thing is the Storm is a Fast Attack and not a dedicated transport. Some points adjustments would have to be made in certain places, but I'll leave you to figure that out.

HQ: Pedro Kantor- 175
HQ: Librarian- 150: Epistolary
Elites: Sternguard Veterans (9)- 280: 4 x Combi-Melta, Rhino
Elites: Sternguard Veterans (9)- 280: 4 x Combi-Melta, Rhino
Elites: Terminator Assault Squad- 200: 5 x TH & SS
Troops: Scouts (5)- 90: Teleport Homer, Powerfist, BP; CCW
Troops: Scouts (10)- 140: 10 x Sniper Rifles
Fast Attack: Landspeeder Storm- 85: Assault Cannon
Fast Attack: Stormtalon- 130
Heavy Support: Devastator Squad (10)- 270: 2 x Missile Launcher , 2 x Lascannon
Heavy Support: Predator- 85: Sponson Heavy Bolters
Heavy Support: Vindicator- 115

Points: 2000 Scoring Units: 4-5 Scouring Units: 2 Big Gun Units: 3

So this army has alot of good firepower IMO. Kantor and Librarian each go in a squad of Sternguard (who are scoring) to buff them, especially the librarian. Things like ignoring cover or rerolling to hit coupled with their already potent special issue ammo. Hop out of Rhinos and pour on the pain. Roll the Vindicator with these guys for some super hard hitting power. 4 Combi-meltas each add to this to deal with armour or Terminators.

The scouts with Snipers hang back as a scoring unit in your own deployment zone and just pop off sniper fire, which is still good and still pinning in 6th. Set up the rest of the gunline around them, namely the Predator and the Devs. The devs should combat squad up and split their fire. When combat squading them, best layout is likely something like this:
Where the red is the heavy weapons and the bolters are the black. Soak wounds and keep the heavies alive. Nice thing is the bolters can move around the heavies as necessary to be the closet models and the heavy weapons won't count as moving for shooting purposes.

Two assault units, and set up well for bait and switch. The scouts can come out of their Storm Pretty hard and fast and throw a challenge down with the Pfist to occupy a character. Bring in the Terminators behind them or anywhere forward even while the scouts are still in the storm and shrug off anything thrown at them.

Stormtalon is good cheap Flyer Support. I hope I have its points correct though. Once the Storm has dropped off the scouts, these should be roaming around popping shots at vehicles, stripping away hull points with their assault cannons like it is nobody's business or use their high RoF to mow through hordes.

With the new emphasis on short range fire fighting and less on mechanized forces, melta is not as critical, so I honestly think that the Fists and Pedro will begin to eclipse Vulkan and his Salamanders.