Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Terrain WIP- Giant Robots and Scratch Built Bastion

First of all thank you to Ranter McRanterson for his post this week.

As well, I managed to get a bunch more work done on Terrain and my Genswick army (post tomorrow).

Today's post is exclusively about the terrain progress though. And it features giant robots.
Like this guy. He is a Bandai, Master Grade 1/100 scale MS-06J Zaku II (Principality of Zeon Mass Productive Mobile Suit). Otherwise known as a Zaku from the popular Japanese Animated Mobile Suit Gundam series. You can get these pretty cheap here in japan (approx 2000 JPY) and you can get them at department stores like Aeon (their version of a Super Target I guess). I picked up 2 of these, but have only really experimented with building one. I went ahead and followed the instructions, which are self explanatory and have no need to be documented here. BUT I will say that a Master Grade model is awesome and very cleverly constructed. It has like a million points of articulation and was pretty fun to build and play around with. Once I was done I figured out what pose I wanted my Zaku in roughly and cut foam to fit and support it. All my terrain will ultimate be winter scape, so the little bits are actually going to be built up snow drifts.

Once I had those in place and glued down I began going to town on my Zaku to make it a wreck, blown out at the waste. A pin vice, pair of clippers and some random bits of wire did the job just fine.

I also completed my scratch built bastion first seen in this post. Really all I did to finish it was reinforce the edges with some odd Japanese epoxy and add on firing points.

Next piece of terrain is actually my least favourite and really only seems good for games of Apocalypse. It is way too large and really not that model friendly in terms of usable space.

As you can see it is a trench embedded into a hill. I added a small bunker and fire point on opposite ends. I wish I had done it slightly differently, like doing 2 firing points instead of a bunker and having an L shaped trench.

The final piece was actually built by Mrs. Gothmog. And I have to say it has a brilliant simplicity to it, and a lot better than my obscene monstrosity of a hill above. Not too large, reasonable amount of space for models to stand on and reasonable cover from multiple angles but exposed from others.

So that is all for now, but I will have a significant post on Genswick tomorrow. One Veteran Squad and Infantry Squad built this week, plus some command squad elements.