Thursday, January 12, 2012

Genswick: Veterans/Engineers and 2 Infantry Squads

So last week I finally got some green stuff here in Japan and was able to continue work on my Genswick Imperial Guard Army.

First of all here are my Veteran w/ shotguns AND/OR my DKK Engineers depending on which list I am running.
Doubled barreled shotguns just seemed the most appropriate approach for Genswick shotguns. The Meltabombs will be melta-bombs for IG lists when they have demolitions and Gas grenades when they are engineers in a DKK list. I gave them different helmets from the normal Genswick rank and file as the Tommy helmet didn't seem quite appropriate for guys in a mine.
I particularly like the "Sergeant" figure. The pick just works to me, and if you notice, on his right hip is a little bird- paint it yellow and he has a canary for mines/countermines.

Next up is some members of Platoon Command Squads.
These aren't quite done. I still need 1 officer (going to use the guy on the right here). And I need to make the melta-gunners, but I am still waiting on those bitz in the mail. So the vox is the horn, and each squad has a small horn on the waste of one of the soldiers. These larger ones just seem more appropriate for a command unit. The officer I have is the Officer of the Fleet model from the current IG range with a Brettonian helmet and holstered sword added (power weapon).

Last of all are the 2 rank and file infantry squads. Both of these are missing their special weapons and one sergeant is missing a power weapon (waiting on bitz once again). I particularly like the use of the hammer as the power weapon.

And a full army shot for fun
The only thing missing that is built is the 3 DKK Grenadiers I have done.

OH And I have seen the 6th edition "leak". I for one don't really like it (assault before shooting- because if I ran at you with a pistol and a knife, I would wait until after I hit you with the knife to shoot you), and while it seems to be "legit", there are too many flaws and general sloppiness/disorganization to it that doesn't seem right to me. Plus, with GW trying to keep a lid on everything to satisfy the makers of the Hobbit, I doubt anything close to what is real would get out. Anywho I shall be ranting on that later, and I am sure Discordian will chime in too. And point out how some small aspect of the leak shall spin into the ultimate DOOM OF THE GAME!