Saturday, January 28, 2012

Converted Savlar Chem Dogs + Genswick Veterans and Ogryns

Well I have recently done more work on my Imperial Guard though overall production has slowed down (as actual work work consumed more time). But I do have some cool things to show you

First off, I have built some Savlar Chem Dogs to use as my Penal Legionaries for my Imperial Guard Army.
This is actually a pretty simple conversion
First of all I just used simple Cadians (mixed from heavy weapon squads and infantry squads) as the bodies and torsos. I will be adding random assortments of pouches, back packs and sacks to represent the battlefield loot acquired by the Chem dogs, but that is simple cosmetic work.
As for the heads, which give them the Chem dog feel I selected Pig Iron Productions Kolony Militia Winter Heads.
These would actually be really good for any Vahallans or Vostroyans, but since I am going to be doing a winter basing theme for my Genswick (to match my Blood Angels and Terrain), the winter heads made sense. Even the typically bare headed Chem Dogs would want something warm on their heads. Maybe I should acquire some Vahallans to put on terrain as casualties, and remove their heads and replace them with bare ones. But that is beside the point.
To do this conversion I simple took the heads and clipped off the gas filters and then drilled with a pin vice where the filters used to be.
I then took melta bombs and cut the handle away and drilled a small hole in each end. This would form the Chem Dogs Nitro-Chem Inhaler.
Once that was complete I mounted by removing the Candian collar and filling in with some Green Stuff. I then placed the Melta Bomb on back of the Cadian, as seen in one of the above pictures. It works best if one of the ridges rests on the small mounting bracket for a vox on the Cadian's back. I then took guitar string and bent it to shape to fit into each of the sockets on the face and the bomb. Really a cheap and easy way to make a very cool and characterful squad. The hardest part is getting the guitar string the right length and shape and take some practice and judgment.

Beyond that I have another Genswick veteran squad/engineer squad, armed once more with double barreled shotguns.

As well I have constructed two Ogryns.
Their Ripper guns are auto cannons with shortened barrels. The heads are from a WHFB Ogres Iron Gut kit and the rest are from a Standard Ogre Bulls kit. I hope to give the Bone Head a more "Genswick" feel to it.
With these guys I was going for a WWI tank crew helmet look as seen here.
I think the paint job will be critical in conveying this fully, but as of now it is nearly spot on.