Thursday, January 19, 2012

6th Edition? - Discordian

So it’s real….

No it’s not……..

Maybe it is………

So for the last week everyone and their geek mothers have been going back and forth on whether or not the leaked 6th edition codex is real.

I’m honestly not sure myself. When I first caught wind of it I spent a few hours reading through it and then the next day applying what I read to the armies I played. It was a fun distracting exercise if I do say so myself. It wasn’t full blown list building more like a simple review and application. Here is what I came up with.


Let’s start with Tau my first army.

Rail weapons do what now? Shot through everything in a line. Yeah if that’s true it might be a reason to start playing Sniper drones and pathfinder devastator teams again.

Cover more on the 5+ side. Sweet now I can put rail rifles back into my pathfinder squads. And since Tau armies are going to be shooting lines that at worst scatters, who needs Bs bumps.

Pinning now as -1 modifiers for every wound after the first. So what you’re saying is carbines might have a reason to exist…. and maybe I shouldn’t swap out to many marker lights.

Skimmers now ignore terrain period. Tau vehicles being slow meant that you had to kind of go in straight lines to get where you needed so sometimes I’d throw on sensor splines, but this would mean I really would never have to care. PLUS Necron asshat list won’t suck.

The document has burst cannons as Assault 4. This would help make it a possible choice for my suits and make warfish one shot better. This also almost makes Stealth suits priced correctly…. almost.


So power weapons get a parry save. The problem is they have to be normal power weapons with no other effects, which all elder power weapons have because they are usually strapped to a STR 3 space elfs. Off the top of my head this rule will help two units Mr. Cry of the Wind and …..BANSHEES. HOLY SHIT MY BANSHEES.
Eldar tanks and jet bikes will be harder to hit the faster they move because of the whole evasion system. Most people already hate Eldar Holofields this will just make it so much worse.

Also all elder tanks can be a plane if they want to.

Warlock squad upgrades can try to cancel out psychic powers. This doesn’t change my list because I already use them. But it makes my bike squads more then just a mobile heavy flamer.

Witch Blades are not str 7 and have a goofy ability to reroll inv saves. Not a power weapon, no longer always wound on 2+, and lost str 9 versus armor. Do not want.

Grey Knights:

Almost every unit in this book now has way to nullify psychic powers, almost a nail in the coffin of me not taking librarians anymore.

Justicar with MC Swords and maybe Falchions will have a 5+ save. Groovy.

Master crafted groups of weapons reroll as a group, so paladins will be more of a pain in the ass.

Wound allocations were you have to move wounds around at the end of the phase will kind of make up for this.

Deep strike assaulting makes Grey Knights stupid because your entire army can take advantage of this, Especially Mordrak and Callidus. The only downside is I’m fairly sure you’ll loss tons to defensive fire as your opponent lights you up in your turn.

Fortitude might take a hit because of how the new damage chart works.

Landraiders will come standard with a -1 on the chart. This might change my mind about using Ravens…..Oh wait never mind Ravens be planes now with locater beacons. Think about what that means to deepstriking.

Ravens be Planes, enough said.

Im not sure how I like it. Seems like someone went way out of their way to make the most annoying choose your own adventure rule book. Also the Stratagimic system makes list building not as important becasue you can tailor your game to fight your opponet.

It seems like a very complete rule system so it might be worth taking a read if you get the chance, just don’t waste too much time. It still might be a hoax and even if it is real it’s rather rough and super full of spelling errors. Like even more then in my posts.

So what do you think?