Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I'd like to see in the Dark Eldar Codex 2010 when it drops:

So it seems Dark Eldar will be coming pretty soon. After 19 gallion years and 3 editions of the game, they are seeing a little love.

Aside from new models, particularly ones that don't leave me cut just from looking at them, there are a few things I'd like to see from Dark Eldar.
1- Fast Foot Army w/ Skimmer support: I don't want to see an all Skimmer force. I know we will, but I'd like to see some great advantages from playing an army not entirely meched up. Now how fluffy is this? I guess not enitirely, but some good flanking rules in the DE codex for infantry would go a long way to reducing mech in the game.

2- Diverse list options: I don't want a codex producing one list that is the only competitive list to play, like leafblower is in IG. I would like to see several options equally viable. And please, don't make raider lance spam the best choice again. Diverse options also means tons of units and wargear. These are DE, they are suppossed to be characterful and freaky. More to troops than just warriors. Really ideally there should be IMO
2-4 Troop options (3 optimal)
3-6 Elite options (4/5 optimal)
3-4 Fast Attack options
4-6 Heavy Support  options

3- An end to IG reign of terror: Not saying I want DE to be top dog, but I want them to at least knock IG off their pedestal and level the playing feild. Make these guys an anti-alpha strike army. Something like where they have a chance of making any mission nightfight during the first turn (or d3 turns to be more brutal). Kill leafblower right there.

4- A new vehicle- Raiders, Ravagers. Thats it? Really? Oh, I guess the Talos. Try giving them something else as well. I don't know what. DE version of a warwalker maybe. Helps on my first point at least.  But something new and outside the box would be great to see here.

5- Something to replace Scourges: Heavy Weapon Jump Packs? Really? Yet no Fast Attack Jump Infantry? Really? Wow... Even just an addition of relentless still makes them weird. That is probably what is going to happen. But they are then super expensive, as a jump pack usually costs as much points wise as a light heavy weapon. Then if you want a dark lance or something, they will be outrageously expensive. I'd rather see scourges be a fast attack with normal weapons and have a guy upgradeable to a heavy weapon. Maybe have a heavy support scourge type with a weapon more akin to what fire dragons have.

So yeah, that is all I have for now. If I think of more, I will let you know.