Thursday, September 2, 2010

How does Ork technology work? POLL


The comic relief of the wok universe. The Orks. Really a wonderfull creation of GW's part. They took one of the most iconic fantasy images and molded it into something awesomely new and suitable for a sci-fi realm. One of the biggest contributing factors to this is Ork Technology (or lack thereof).

We all know Orks just make things work. They just do. Slap metal together, paint it red, add some dakka and a button to do something unexpected. TADA You have a battlewagon. Or is it a Fighta-Boma. Or a Kill Krooza. See they all are essentially the same formula. How do Orks do it?
Well for one, looting. Orks loot. Some more than others, but they have very little idustry. What industry they do have is looted and orkified. But looting straight up is only half the equation. When was the last time you saw orks driving a normal chimera. Never. Not shooty or choppy enough. Not orky.

So when orks loot, they modify. But how can guys that do this:
Make this:
It boggles my mind. How?

Well I have a few theories.

1- Sheer Will: It works because they are to dumb and to headstrong to allow it not to work. I wish I had this ability without the idiocy. Now I call orks dumb in intelligence. BUT they can be extremely clever. Maybe that plays into it as well. The Meks just by will and cleverness put parts together and make it work. Hit it with a hammer. Tighten it with a wrench for good measure. Kill a grot. Done.

2- Innate Understanding: Maybe orks are just innately able to understand technology. I guess at some level, this is definately ture. But if it were so instinctual, why are they so bad at it? Everything they do and make is substandard and it is not a matter of if it will explode, but when. So I put some eggs in this basket, but not all of mine.

3- Actual understanding: BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Joke. Orks don't really understand technology. Otherwise they'd know that just because it is louder does not mean it is better. Do you really think orks sit down and learn why and how something works? Do you really think they have the patience for that?

4- Gork/Mork/An ability to tap into the accumulated knowledge of the universe: This one is basically they know how to do it because of the warp. They gain any and all technical prowess from some greater power or knowledge than themselves and are unable to identify that this is occuring, thus the absence of ture understanding and learning.

OH And all of this applies to Ork medicine as well:

So there are my four thoughts. Do you have more ideas? Tell me.
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How does Ork technology work?

Sheer willlpower/cleverness 12 (37%)
Innate Understanding/instincts 12 (37%)
Actual Understanding/learning 1 (3%)
Gork/Mork/Warp/Knowledge of the Universe 4 (12%)
Other 3 (9%)