Monday, September 13, 2010

Codex Testosterines

So my brother and I this summer (which I need to put up battle reports from) started work on a joke codex.

Darth Vader as a Testosterine
Codex Testosterines. Basically it is supposed to be the manliest chapter of Space Marines in the Imperium. Today I am going to share some of the stuff we came up with.

The chapter uses a non-codex organization structure. Marines follow paths, much like Eldar Aspect Warriors. These paths represent manly endeavors, such as hunting or bull fighting. Paths that are similar gather in lodge houses.

First Lodge House: THE GYM- Toughguys, Strongmen, and Testosterines.
Second Lodge House: THE BUNKER- Demomen and Pyrotechnics
Third Lodge House: THE UNION- Construction Workers and Firemen
Fourth Lodge House: THE ARENA- Gladiators and Matadors
Fifth Lodge House: THE GARAGE- Bikergangs and Gearheads
Sixth Lodge House: THE CORRAL- Cowboys and Gunslingers
Seventh Lodge House: THE LODGE- Hunters and Lumberjacks
Eighth Lodge House: THE STUDIO- Metal Bands (Hair and Heavy)
Ninth Lodge House: THE CASTLE- Crusaders
Tenth Lodge House: THE BOOTH- Sportsfans
Chapter Council: THE OCTAGON- Chapter Master Arnold Schwarzenegger presiding.

When a marine first joins, he spends time as a hunter to hone his ballistic skills, as the bolter is still the most common instrument of death utilized by the chapter. From there they move onto being Testosterines. Testosterines are just generally manly and cool. They can lift heavy objects with ease and they don't look at explosions.
As Testosterines are exposed to combat more and more, they may realize that they have a calling for a more specialized form of awesomeness and petition to joining another lodge house. They will be tested and placed appropriately. Sometimes, a particularly devout brother will be called upon by the crusaders to join their ranks, inspiring their brothers with zeal for the Emperor and their founder, Chapter Master Hercules. Other times, a young hunter will be discovered to have latent psychic abilities and be drawn towards the Sportsfans, whose knowledge of everything sporting and manly is vast and powerful.

Thats all the time I have for now. I will detail more later and hopefully get a fandex out sometime. I do have some work already done.