Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dragon Con coverage PART ONE

Well I have been to 2 days of DragonCon and have to say I have mixed feelings about the results. The Con seems plagued by its own size. Because they have it at hotels instead of a conference center, there is limited space for everything, thus you always have to wait in line early for anything if you want to see it.

As well, apparently the people who were the main 40k and Warmachine event organizers got kicked out of DragonCon. Here is the story:
The store running the demo events and small tournaments (Combat patrol 40k and 25pts Warmachine I believe) has a Gaming Convention license, allowing them to sell at conventions. They were told by one director of DragonCon that this was enough to sell outside the showroom and in the game room where they were running the demos. Then another director came and yelled at them for selling and the one who gave them permission just left when the yelling started. The organizers of the gaming event said they would pack up all the intro-products and asked if they could at least still run their events. The angry director though would not even allow this and took their badges and kicked them out entirely. So there was no 40k or Warmachine. And as there was none the first night, no one showed up for other organizers events assuming they all got canceled, even though they were actually separate. So ultimately, DragonCon hurt a lot of gamers with their own ineptitude.

This though did not stop me from seeing some cool stuff which I will talk about tomorrow. Here is a sneak peek: