Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reinvention of my Imperial Guard

Okay, so I am sitting with my room mate yesterday and he announced that he had decided to start his Light Infantry Guard army. Pretty good list I think. No vehicles. Just alot of snipers, melta and cover savers. Not the kind list for a tournament really, WAY heavy on kill points, but unique I think given the current trend.

This though got me thinking, how should I reinvent my Guard Army? And can I keep them unique without Doctrines?

"Doctrines had a quality too"- Gothmog

So here is what I currently have to work with

3 x Command Squads
-Melta Gun, 3 x Medics, Company Standard, 3 x Vox, 2 x Power Weapon, 1 x Power Fist, 2 x Bolt Pistol, 1 x Plasma Pistol
5 x Infantry Squads/Veteran Squads
-5 x Vox, 4 x Bolt Pistol, 1 x Bolter, 3 x Grenade Launcher, 2 x Flamer
Stormtrooper Squad
-Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Vox, Flamer, Grenade Launcher
Special Weapon Squads
-3 x Sniper Rifles
7 x Heavy Weapons
-2 x Lascannon, 2 x Autocannon, 2 x Missile Launchers, Heavy Bolter
Techpriest Enginseer w/ Heavy Bolter Servitor
2 x Commissar
Extra Company Standard (Kell model)

2 x Armoured Sentinels
-Lascannon, Autocannon
2 x Conqueror/Eradicator Russ
2 x Vanquisher
3 x Demolisher
4 x Leman Russ Battle Tank

So there you go. What would you do with this? What would you add? What would you take away. What would your theme be?

I know I need more melta guns. I would like to see Roughriders or Ogryns added (or both). I just like those units. Not the best choices I know, but fun choices.

I am not trying to make a super competitive list here. I want something fun. If I could do an all cavalry regiment I would. OR if I could afford DKK I would (the Heavy Mortars look SO COOL). Things like that.

So how do I reinvent my guard to be, well, fun?