Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blood Angels Banner

So I am working on my Blood Angels right now, and in particular, the chapter standard bearer. I have named mine Ancient Medici. He is part of Squad Alighieri, Dante's Honour Guard. I have finished painting his torso and have just a little work to do on his jump pack.
Then I have the hard part.
Free handing his Banner.

So this is a huge undertaking for me. I think I am pretty good at painting, but still, this is going to be hard.

Well first I am putting down a layer of mecharite red foundation paint all over the banner. This I have already done.
Next, I am going to draw with a mechanical pencil (.05 mm) all the large general shapes. Any lighter color (wings, skin, clouds, scrolls) will then get painted dheneb stone. This should easily cover the mecharite red.
Then any yellow will be picked out in iyaden darksun.
Once I have these down, I am going to paint in the chaos black background.
With all the base colours laid down, I am going to go back in and draw once more with the pencil all the fine details except for writing.
The next step will definitely be the hardest. I am going to have to paint the detail and then the shading for the detail.
Once that is done, I am probably going to use a really fine point pen to write out the lettering instead of painting them. I have used one before for purity seals and it worked rather well. Hopefully it will prove the same for this.

Once this is all done, I am probably going to spray hair spray to try and seal it. Usually inking my minis does this fairly well, but here I am not going to ink but still need to protect this.

In addition, expect to start seeing some posts from a friend of mine, Hatmaker. I haven't been able to keep a regular posting schedule going, and so he should help provide some more content to Sepulchre.
He is a big Khorne player, but also dabbles in Tau, Tyranids, Blood Bowl (wood elves) and Necromunda (Delaque).
Imagine the following in a hawaiian shirt and you pretty much have the Hatmaker.