Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looks vs Stats

What is more important to you as a hobbyist.
Looks of the Model or Stats of the Unit?

I bring this up because of these babies:

The Death Korps of Krieg Heavy Mortars

I love the way they look. They are just so... well... AWESOME.
They, to me, are what field artillery pieces are supposed to look like. They are at the top of my Wishlist right now because I just can't resist the model. I can see in my head a battery of these pounding away through the day and night. The ceaseless Thump of round after round lobbed on high. It is just plain old fashion Cool.

But then I look at the rules...

45 (50 for DKK) points a pop. Armour 10 all round. And glancing or penetrating hit DESTROYS them. G12-48" range. S6 AP4. 5" Blast
Not really all that great. Indirect fire I guess helps. But all in all, not the most impressive. If it took more to destroy them, maybe, but still. And only 3 crew to buffer wounds. 3 guardsmen. 5+ saves. Eh. I can buy 2 more for 6 points each, but that is just making me buy more models as well.
In addition they are immobile unless I buy a centaur, but they can't fire if I move them, which really is inefficient.
It also costs even more points to upgrade their ammo. Infernus shells are pretty nice, but 20 pts. Siege Shells are okay, but not the most useful. At least they are only 10 pts.

So it comes down to this. Do I want them because they look cool even though my points could be better spent elsewhere?

This happens, I am sure, for many of you. You see a new model that is a must have, but then you see the rules and go: Oh, I guess I don't want that.

I personally think it should be a blend. Take what you like. That is what you will be happy with. I know I would have never have taken the old Hellhound (except the FW model) just because I hated the way it looked. Never mind its effectiveness. I just didn't like it. At the same time, I think Lightning claw terminators look cooler, but I can't ignore what storm shields can do for me.

But when it comes down to picking a unit for the sake of having a unit, for me, it is looks all the way. If I am just getting a new unit because I feel the urge to expand, it probably won't be the most useful. It is just going to plain out be the sweetest designed mini I can get my hands on.

Like this:

On the other hand though you can always convert your more boring looking squads to be more exciting as well. So if you play solely the best thing you can, I suggest doing that so you at least aren't looking a cookie cutter units.

So what does it come down to? Are you going to play a list just because it has the highest utility point for point, or are you going to take those cool but inefficient guys (Vespids, Ogryns, Rough Riders, Thunderfire Cannon, Striking Scorpions, Incubi, Soul Grinders, Daemonhosts, Chaos Dreadnoughts, Pariahs, Vanguard, etc. etc.)?

Well there is a poll over there for you to answer. -->

What is more important when getting a new unit, looks or rules?

The rules all the way, no matter how bad it looks. 1 (4%)
The rules as long as it looks okay. 3 (12%)
I HONESTLY equally consider rules and looks. 6 (25%)
The looks as long as it has decent rules. 6 (25%)
Looks no matter how bad it plays. 8 (33%)