Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blood Pact Book Review

Well, I recently read the latest installment in the Gaunt's Ghost series: Dan Abnett's Blood Pact

All in all a good read. Well it is an Abnett book, so of course it is.
This is a little different from your standard Abnett. There is far less combat than a typical story and it focuses on a select few characters.
Once again, it ties back to Traitor General, and is kinda the same story, but from a different perspective. As well, Maggs gives it a tie in to the last book Only in Death.
I really think he is setting up for the final installment with this one. Thats really all the book seemed like. It just didn't have the huge punch the other books in the series did, but the final chapter leaves a setup for the end.
Well written, but not as exciting as the other Ghosts books. Still I couldn't put it down and I am left wanting more.
What I found particularly nice was that is is set on Balhaut, and you get a taste of what the most critical battle (now 15 years previous) of the Sabbat worlds crusade was like.
As well, this book, as the title would suggest, give the reader an interesting look into the archenemy mind, in particular, the mind of the Blood Pact. Until now, they seemed for the most part like highly effective animals (space wolves?). I liken them more to like a group of very hardcore criminals. They each have individual personalities, quirks, and abilities but are all very sick and violent men, devoted to the dark gods.
So if you are looking for all out warfare, you won't find it here, but the book does play out like a good spy/chase movie. So if you want for a moment for there to be NOT ONLY WAR, pick it up. As well, if you have read the previous 11 books, you need this one. I think it will be the stepping stone for the End.

All in all: 4 out of 5 Aquilas.

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Who is the best Black Library (40K) Author?
Dan Abnett 12 (100%)
Graham McNeill 6 (50%)
William King 1 (8%)
Lee Lightner 0 (0%)
Ben Counter 3 (25%)
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Mike Lee 1 (8%)
Nick Kyme & Lindsey Priestly 1 (8%)
Gav Thorpe 3 (25%)