Thursday, May 18, 2017

Opinion: 8th Edition missed the mark with 2d6 charges

First of all, I understand that the leak on the charge phase is being seen without the full intricacies combat phase right now, and more importantly, the entire rules. With that said though, this really has nothing to do will the full interaction of combat or overwatch or morale etc. etc.

It really comes down to this: Why is charging still 2d6 inches?
With the reintroduction of movement values, GW had a great opportunity to make units truly feel faster or slower with the modification of the charge mechanic.

As it is right now, I could have a unit that can move up to 12" then charge 2" where a unit that can only move 4" or 5" charge 12'! Sure there are averages to consider, but those really don't make sense.

First of all,we can reasonable assume that the military units in warhammer are "trained". The point of training is to ensure consistent, and ideally peak, performance. This includes physical fitness. So we can deduce that a unit TRYING to close to close quarters battle with the enemy, ie A CHARGE, will push themselves striving for "above average" performance.
Then there are things in 40k that are essentially blood crazed. Khorne Bezerkers and Death Company for instance. These guys will ALWAYS move AS FAST AS POSSIBLE towards the enemy. There is no cautious advance.

But as it is, I could have a unit of ponderous Mega Armour Nobz move 12" while my Death Company trips and moves 2".

It just doesn't make sense and was a great opportunity to really make use of the movement statistic.
They could have made charging d6+movement or perhaps have implemented a table like this:
-Move 1-4, charge 1+d6
-Move 5-8. charge 5+d6 or 4+d6
-Move 9-12, charge 9+d6 or 8+d6

This would have had some randomness still but really have capitalized on the inclusion of the new stat AND made units more consistent with both their fluff and purpose. It would also have better fit the design teams intention for bespoke rules and a unique feel for each unit.