Monday, May 1, 2017

Adeptus Custodes Guardian Squad

Just a quick update on my Adeptus Custodes so far (follow us on Instagram for better and more frequent updates). I actually finished these a little bit back, but finally got good pictures of the squad. Just wanted to share really quick since I am not done editing the next podcast episode yet (it will release tomorrow! Check out current episodes by clicking here!) I will try and get more/better pics of them in the future.

The bases were done by hand, using a technique similar to this link here. I basically flattened Green Stuff and pressed in a brass rod for the grout line. The models themselves were painted using the Warhammer TV paint scheme/tutorial by Duncan Rhodes. Really great pallet for them and good results IMO.

I have more on my desk, just need to get to them. Expect a full 30k army of them by years end (and Adepticon 2018!)