Monday, May 8, 2017

Discordian's Model Spotlight: Ta'Unar

Rules, new rules, bad rules, rules guesses, and rules wants. Are the words in the air right now, but we're only getting a tid-bits, and half-truth wish lists being reported as all truths....., so for now lets talk about something else. Models.

Cool Models.

I like building things, usually not to correct specifications. But every once and awhile I find a model I can't do much to, because they are just really well made. Ta'Unar is one of those models. Outside making him safer and easier to move around I had no intention changing him.

Love him or hate him, this model is fantastic. While I had preferred FW had made a Tau version of a Baneblade, this guy was a great kit. FW definitely wanted create a premium version of a Storm-surge (without a silly driver skylight). It was one of the first FW kits I bought that came with actually useful instructions.
Each part of him had a full instructional booklet using the CAD design files 
The arms had holes designed in for magnetizing.

There were only three things I did which were off script. I put a rod in to connect the chest and the legs so that the model would be easier to pack up, reinforced the base because this sucker was warping the base, and magnetized the back weapon because they hinted at other options.
Simple metal dowel pin and hole
Grinding wheel I picked up at home depot
Magnets mostly just secure it, the friction in the assembly holds it there

Haven't gotten around to purchasing its Heavy Rail cannon, but it will happen sooner or later.