Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bay Area Open this weekend!

First of all to anyone who regularly follows, sorry for the month hiatus. Vacation, followed by getting back and getting into the swing of things, really kept me from posting. That and a mad scramble to finish painting for BAO!
So I will be there this weekend with my Blood Angels! Really looking forward to it. Just going to have fun really! Personally my goal is to finish in the top half. I will be over the MOON if I am the #1 BA player there, as well as anything in the top 32/16/8 etc, though I know that is NOT going to happen. You will too once your read my list.

So here is my list

Primary Detachment- Baal Strike Force (1560)
HQ- Sanguinary Priest: CCW, Angel's Wing, Warlord
Elites- Terminator Assault Squad (5): TH&SS
Elites- Command Squad (5): Champion, Sanguinary Novitiate, Vet w/ Pfist, Vet w/ Paxe, Vet w/ Meltagun, Jump Packs
Troops- Scouts (5): BP&CCW
Troops- Tactical Squad (5): Grav-gun, Sarge w/ Paxe, Rhino
Fast Attack- Assault Squad (10): Sarge w/ Pfist & Inferno Pistol, 2 x Melta-guns, Jump Packs
Heavy Support- Relic Sicaran Tank: Lascannons, Legacy of Glory-Schism of Mars.
LoW- Ceratus Knight Atrapos: Occular Augmetics

Formation Detachment- Librarius Conclave (290, White Scars)
Librarian 1- ML2, Force Staff, Jump Pack
Librarian 2- ML2, Force Sword, Jump Pack
Librarian 3- ML1, Force Axe, Jump Pack

If BA had their own conclave, I would have taken that instead.

I think it is a decent Bringing Hobby Back style list designed to be able to win without being patently mean. Also, for the lists that are, I hope it can put up a good fight. Trick will be to stay mobile and hit hard and fast. Not really worried about heavy armour, but death stars and jetbikes will be tough... and yes I am keenly aware that this is a major ITC tournament, which implies ALOT OF DEATHSTARS AND JETBIKES. Hopefully my terminators, knight and sicaran can help with those.

Anyway, if you are going, leave a comment! Especially if you want to meet up!