Thursday, July 28, 2016

BAO 2016 Recap Part 2

Time to finish up my recap of BAO. Been long enough, right? Here is my day 1 recap with my list as well.
DAY 2!

My opponent was Jeremy with team Mercy Killers from the Sacramento area. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of our game.

CORE- Battle Demi Company (1135)
-Captain- 120: Terminator Armour, Power Sword
-Tactical Squad(10)- 230: Lascannon, Plasma Gun, Vet Sarge, Rhino w/ Extra Armour
-Tactical Squad(10)- 240: Multi-Melta, Meltagun, Vet Sarge w/ Combi-melta & Powerfist, Rhino
-Tactical Squad(10)- 205: Missile Launcher, Flamer, Vet Sarge Rhino
-Attack Bike Squad- 50: Multi-melta
-Centurion Devastator Squad(3)- 290: 3 x Grav-Cannon & Grav-Amp, 3 x Missile Launcher, Omniscope

AUXILIARY- 1st Company Task Force (715)
-Sternguard(10)- 260: Meltabombs, Drop Pod
-Sternguard(10)- 255: Drop Pod
-Terminator Squad(5)- 200: Cyclone Missile Launcher

This was probably my best game performance wise, and my opponent was a great great sportsman. Basically I was able to advance across the table with my Knight and Sicaran, destroying him as I went, and dropped my Hammerstar right into his deployment zone and ate up 2 Rhinos and 2 Tactical Squads with them. He attempted to drop his Sterngaurd and Termies back in my zone, but my Knight and Command Squad either ate them up or bogged them down for the rest of the game. The only point I didn't take was Slay The Warlord, as his Captain was tied up in combat with 1 wound left end of turn 5. SO CLOSE! Oh well. But over all GREAT GAME and I hope to head to Sacramento in the fall for some tournaments and maybe play Jeremy again!

GAME 5 vs AdMech War Con: Loss 1-10
-Tech-Priest Dominus- 105: Digital Weapons, Infoslave Skull, Phosphor Serpenta, Stasis Field, Scryerskull, Volkite Blaster
-Kataphron Destroyers(3)- 165: 3 x Heavy Grav-Cannon, 3 x Phosphor Blaster
-Kataphron Destroyers(3)- 165: 3 x Heavy Grav-Cannon, 3 x Phosphor Blaster

-Knight Crusader- Rapid Fire Battle Cannon w/ Heavy Stubber, Melta-gun, Stormspear Rocket Pod

-Ironstrider Ballistarii: TL Cognis Autocannon
-Onager Dunecrawler: Cognis Heavy Stubber, Cognis Manipulator, Mindscanner, Nuetron Laser & Cognis Heavy Stubber, Smoke Launchers
-Sicarian Infiltrators (5)- Stubcarbines & Powerswords, Princeps w/ Digital Weapons, Infoslave Skull, Refractor Field, Phase Taser
-Sicarian Ruststalkers(5)- Transonic razors, Chordclaws & Mindscrambler Grenades, Princeps w/ Digital Weapons, Prehensile Dataspike, Refractor Field, Omniscient Mask
-Skitarii Rangers(5)- Omnispex, 2 x Plasma Caliver, Alpha w/ Arkhan's Divinator, Conversion Field, Digital Weapons, Galvanic Rifle, Power Sword,
-Skitarii Vanguard(5)- Omnispex, 2 x Plasma Caliver, Alpha w/ Arc Pistol, Conversion Field, Digital Weapons, Pater Radium, Power Sword

-Inquisitor Coteaz

SPACE MARINES CAD, Sentinels of Terra (280)
HQ- Space Marine Librarian (65)- ML1, Force Sword & BP
Troops- Scouts(5)- 55: BP & Bolter
Fast Attack- Drop Pod- 35
Fast Attack- Drop Pod- 35
Fast Attack- Drop Pod- 35
The moment of my greatest failure this game.
This game was against an individual named Adrian and should've (or rather could've I guess) than it was IMO. First of all we started 40 minutes late, as they were late coming back from lunch, so I was kinda pissed and in a rush. As a result, my turn 1 I made a few mistakes, particularly forgetting to run 2 Assault Squads into  cover, so they got blasted off pretty quickly. Next, I had a CRITICAL Charge fail. He had DS Kataphron into my zone on an objective and I had tied them up with my scouts, then got ready to charge with my command squad and a librarian. Rolled 3 inches and got shot to hell next turn stuck in the open... ugh. Just bad luck there. I then paranoid of his Knight and Heavy Supports poorly deployed my Terminators who really did nothing. The only unit that managed to perform was my Cerastus knight. Unfortunately, we ended on Turn 3, and he didn't manage to finish off his warlord (last model he was locked against in Assault). I also only had 1 HP left and probably would've titanically exploded all over him. The only point I got was line breaker with my Knight. I am not saying I should've won, or that he wasn't a good player, but I know I could have done better and with some luck and patience on my part (I was tilted turn 1 for sure), I maybe could've done something... but alas, such is life.

GAME 6 vs Eldar: Loss 0-11

However, I know roughly what it was and can kinda rebuild it off of pictures. I believe my opponent's name was William, but I also lost his name (it was on the list!) My most gracious opponent was Clayton!

Farseer on Jetbike
5 x 3 Man Scatbikes
3 x Warp Spider Squads (5 each)
3 Hornets
2 Warp Hunters
Skathach WK w/ Deathshroud Cannons
Void Shield Generator w/ 2 Shields
SO this was another GREAT SPORTSMAN. And he almost tabled me! That speaks alot to his character IMO that I wasn't even angry and still had fun even though it was a super one-sided match. I wish I had played anyone on the tables to my left or right, as I could've put up a fight. But this army was the Rock to my Scissors for sure. I couldn't catch him, and I failed to destroy a single unit (I took multiple down to 1 hull point or 1 model, but just couldn't manage to get a kill point). Over all it was a completely 1 sided match though, and my dice did me NO FAVOURS for sure.
-Deep Struck Scattered into terrain and took meltas out of melta range on my assault squad
-Deep Struck Scattered behind LOS blocking terrain with my veterans and right in front of his WK
-Deep Struck Mishapped my Terminatos (EVEN WITH THE ANGELS WING) and got placed in the FAR CORNER
-Couldn't make covers saves or armour saves for the life of me

I would have lost. No doubt in my mind. But for sure, had A LOT of misfortune. Once again, such is life. It is at the end of the day, a dice game.
My only surviving 2 models at the end of the game. Yes, I even managed to loose all my Invisibility buffed FNP TH&SS terminators...

Over all, a ton of fun and I hope I get a chance to do it again