Thursday, January 21, 2016

WIPs from Wednesday: Conversions! Termie Capt, Chaplain and Contemptor, oh my!

Just some quick WIP updates

Fist off my contemptor repose. This is from the B@C kit obvisouly. I reposed only one leg as to appear he is climbing up him base. I then magnetized his gun arm and his magna-grapple. The magna-grapple needed a little bit of conversion work to work, but I think it turned out pretty great in the end. The brass is just FW brass etch added for some BA flair.

Next up is my Terminator Captain. This guy is inspired by a Dark Angel captain I saw in a WD years ago. I don't really like the Captain Karlean model, so this is going to be my Karlean (with a TH & SS). This conversion has GK legs and Marneus Calgar's body. I had to sculpt some parts of his cape.

Finally my converted Kurtha Sedd. Turning him into an ACTUAL BA Chaplain. I like using Chaos MK V heads as skull helms, and so I just did a simple head swap and then added a rosarius to his chest.

I hope to have the Terminator Captain done by Saturday and then I think I will work on some Necromunda actually. Expect to see a painted Contemptor some time in FEB, and definitely before the end of march. I need him for Adepticon.